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“My daughter refused to eat solid food, so I took matters into my own hands.”

The mom of three reveals her parenting experience has become a go-to resource for millions of parents, sharing her hacks and activities for kids.

Myriam Sandler was the first to take to social media to share advice on empowering others and helping kids develop their skills through connection and play.

In six years, the 31-year-old has built an incredible fan base on TikTok and Instagram (@mothercould) with almost 2 million followers.

Myriam’s own journey began when her first child, Nicole, turned one. She drank only milk and refused to eat solid food.

The influencer, who is also the mother of 5-year-old Emma and 17-month-old Ariana, whom she shares with Mark, 37, claims doctors ignored her concerns and only said her daughter was still growing. I’m here.

However, Miriam’s gut told her that something was wrong.

“I literally tried all sorts of solids. Yogurt, soup, kids food, it didn’t matter,” the mother, who lives in Miami, Fla., told

“She would reject it all. It was very stressful.

“Nicole was healthy, but we were very concerned that she wouldn’t eat and refused to even touch food.

With a degree in psychology and experience helping children with disabilities, Myriam noticed her daughter was experiencing tactile hypersensitivity.

Over the next few months, she used sensory play to expose Nicole to different textures in a low-stress environment.

she said:


“She loved baths, so I knew her favorite texture was water, so I started with water-based play and slowly introduced new textures.

“I made the water blue with food coloring and added duck toys to make it a ‘pond’.

“We changed textures every 3-4 days to keep things interesting and new to play.

“I created recipes in the kitchen, edible play dough and slime, and colorful spaghetti so that I could get used to the texture through play rather than at the dinner table.

Eventually, Miriam’s hard work began to pay off.

“Babies put everything in their mouths, so they got used to it quickly, and by the time they got to the table, they were eating real spaghetti and enjoying it.”

Within a few months, Nicole was eating everything from salmon to quinoa.


Myriam says:

“Nicole enjoyed meal times, so the whole family started enjoying meals together.”

Empowered by her parenting triumph, Myriam launched a website called Mothercod. On this website she shares her sensory play recipes and ideas with videos she makes in her own kitchen.

she said:

“The moment I realized that sensory play was working for my daughter was my ‘mom made it’ moment.”

Moms also share cleaning hacks for parents, tips for traveling with kids, and products that make life easier.

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