‘Moving On’ Starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin Opens at $800,000 – Professional Box Office

roadside attractions move on generated an estimated $798,000 in revenue in about 800 theaters. This is about the current state of the specialty sector this weekend.

audience of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin-The top comedies were unsurprisingly 63% female, 82% 35+ and 64% 50+. I played my best on the coast. The estimated average per theater for a Paul Weitz movie, which also stars Malcolm McDowell and Richard Roundtree, is just over $1,000.

Fonda and Tomlin play estranged friends who reunite to take revenge on their recently deceased best friend’s husband.This movie had trailer time 80 for Brady where the duo performed alongside Rita Moreno and Sally Field (and Tom Brady). Paramount’s photo of its widely released opening has now dwindled to 168 screens in its seventh week, selling 39 million. Earning dollars.

Howard Cohen, co-president of Roadside Attractions, called the opening numbers word-of-mouth “positive”, stating that mid-week screenings are typically stronger for this type of film (stronger than wide-release commercial photography). We may add some screens next weekend.

The theater market is being closely monitored for ongoing signs of post-Corona improvements in art houses and old demos. move on Gross revenue reflects a similar roadside that opened in September — good housewith Sigourney Weaver and Kevin Kline.

Opening of other important specializations, Focus Features’ inside With Willem Dafoe, he opened in 357 locations and made his $470,000 debut with a $1.3k PTA. Dafoe is Nemo, an art thief trapped in a New York penthouse. Trapped inside with only a priceless work of art, he must use all his cunning and inventions to survive. The directorial debut of Vassilis Katupis.

Janus Films unveils Louis Garrel’s César Award-winning comedy innocent $11.5 thousand at the IFC Center. This weekend, the distributor also featured her 4K reconstruction of Cauleen Smith’s groundbreaking 1998 indie drama. dry lonso Earned $5.1 million at the Film at Lincoln Center, including a sold-out Q&A with a director-writer.

“Janus is thrilled that New York audiences turned up in droves both uptown and downtown this weekend,” the distribution said. We look forward to delivering it to our audience.”

opened the music box Rodeo Angelica made her $4.98,000 debut with a $2.49 PTA at two locations, NYC and Chicago’s Music Box Theater. Expanding to LA, DC, Dallas and Other Markets 3/24. French drama by Laura Kivolo premiered at Cannes. Julie Ledreux stars as a young misfit with a passion for motorcycles who joins the male-dominated world of dirt bikers and urban rodeos.

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