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Mothers who lose childcare funds

The Prime Minister announced a £4 billion plan. Expand free daycare – However, there are concerns about the shortage of nursery schools and nursery teachers.

plan to make 30 hours free childcare Schemes available to working parents with children under the age of five are intended to help more parents find jobs, but experts say there is a serious shortage of child care. We are concerned that this policy may be compromised.

Maxine Long, 36, and her husband, Tom, 41, are struggling to locate their 18-month-old daughter, Olive.

When Tom ran his own restaurant, he was able to work weekends and look after her for two days during the week. Maxine’s mother helped her children three days a week, saving her about £75 a day in nursery costs in their area.

But now he had to close his business because his business was in trouble. He found a full-time job to cover childcare costs, but next year he won’t have any vacancies in their area until April.

“It seems like the only alternative I have to consider is probably reducing the hours at work,” says Maxine of Colchester.

Just as many parents look forward to hearing that voice Details of the president’s parenting plan, Long was disappointed to learn that it wouldn’t be fully implemented until September 2025, when Olive is almost three years old. She has two other children of hers who are 4 years old and her 6 years old.

“It’s too late,” she says. “The problem is now. So many providers either had to close or streamline their staff. The battle for location is already such a scramble.”

According to Ofsted, the number of child care centers fell by 5,400 in the year to August 2022. Most of this decrease is due to a decrease in the number of childcare workers.

In an effort to attract more workers to the sector, the government has provided: £600 bonus for childmindersThe staff-to-child ratio for two-year-olds is relaxed from four to five children per staff member. This is optional.

Coram Family and Childcare’s Megan Jarvie said she fears this will cause more staff to leave the department. “How would you feel if you were told to work 25 percent more each day?” she asks.

Early Years Alliance CEO Neil Leach said: [Wednesday’s] The budget just doesn’t match what it takes to undo years of neglect. “

“I feel depressed”

Lauren Hansell, 34, said she was happy when the plans were announced but was depressed when she heard about the timescale.

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