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Millions of Energy Vouchers Are Missing Help With Their £67 Bill Warned – How To Claim

Millions of households are missing out on £67 worth of vouchers to help with their skyrocketing utility bills.

1 in 5 households did not reimburse their household energy A support voucher issued in December prior to expiration.


Households are warned they may be missing help from the energy billCredit: P.A.

PayPoint will send out hundreds of thousands of vouchers in early December as part of a campaign. governmentA plan to help those struggling with rising utility costs.

However, it was found that only 83% of households redeemed these vouchers before they expired a week ago.

The voucher is part of the Energy Bill Support Scheme (EBSS) announced by the Prime Minister. Rishi Snack Last May when he was prime minister.

The scheme was set up to supply £400 to each UK household.

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Majority of about 30 million people household Those who received the payment automatically received cash in installments.

But what I received with a prepaid meter discount Vouchers or special messages by email, text or post.

Vouchers had to be redeemed at the nearest refill point.

PayPoint’s Corporate Affairs and Marketing Director Steve O’Neill said:

How do I get my voucher?

if you are Conventional prepaid meteryou can receive your voucher in one of two ways.

Some customers are offered a utility bill redeemable by post.

Other users will receive a Special Action Message (SAM) on the first week of each month and will be issued via SMS text or email.

How can I use my voucher?

Voucher must be actively redeemed to take advantage of discount.

Customers can do this with regular top-up points.

This can be done at your local post office or PayPoint shop.

You should receive clear instructions on how to use these vouchers and how to redeem the full amount.

Vouchers must be redeemed within 90 days from date of issue. Otherwise, you will have to contact the energy company and wait for a new voucher to be issued.

What happens if I miss the deadline?

don’t panic – missed the deadline I didn’t lose 66 pounds forever.

If the deadline has passed and you haven’t claimed or received your October voucher, you can request that your voucher be resent.

You will need to call your energy supplier and ask for a new supplier.

However, sooner or later you should claim the voucher to avoid administrator stress and get critical help faster.

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Make sure all personal information is up to date.

For example, the voucher may have been sent to the wrong email address or phone number.

Have a money problem that needs sorting out? Get in touch by email

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