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Mercury in Aries Demands You Ask for What You Want – Your Zodiac Tarotscope

Aries is ruled by fiery Mars (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

March 19thMercury moves into the bold, dynamic and passionate sign of Aries.

Mercury rules our communication, commerce and travel ambitions, Aries Always aiming high, Aries aims for gold.

So this is the season to seek your rights, rewards and ideals! Squeaky wheels get oil, right?

It’s time to ask the right person, in the right way, what you want most. It’s time for game-changing dialogue that opens up new worlds to you.

be careful tarot Guide you on what you need to talk about. are you ready?


March 21st to April 20th

Now is your time to shine, Aries (Photo: Getty/

Aries Tarot Card for Mercury in Aries: sword knight

meaning: The Knight of Swords is a double aid to assertiveness and ambition.

It’s time to make your biggest demands and push for what you want most, and what you feel most out of reach or under someone else’s control.

You may need to be stubborn, stand your ground, and be less likely to be ignored. It’s okay, you think this objective is worth the effort. Let the battle begin!

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April 21st to May 21st

You’ve been to many places (Photo: Getty/

taurus tarot card for mercury Aries: four of wands

meaning: promotion.

The Four of Wands often leads to improved roles in work and education. This can lead to better rewards and possibly a change of location and better living conditions.

Apply for the role you dreamed of overseas! Put in an application to study at your dream university. Ask for a promotion or a raise. Expand your responsibilities and rewards. Step forward and climb the ladder. It’s time.

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May 22nd to June 21st

It’s time to put on your detective hat, Jem (Photo: Getty/

Gemini tarot card for mercury Aries: moon

meaning: Don’t let them wipe you out. You have a mystery at hand and you can feel it. The façade presented is not true and we need an answer.

Go get it, Jamie. Become an FBI this week! The moon shows us that not everything is as it seems, and if we keep pushing and investigating, we can break through and see the real story.

You need this information, it is important to your own actions and decisions. Do your homework, ask questions, analyze. get the truth.

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June 22nd to July 23rd

This hard part deserves results (Photo: Getty/

Cancer tarot card for mercury Aries: ace of swords

meaning: so you want the truth? Now is the time to get it.I’m not saying it will be Lovely It’s an unprecedented conversation, but you can handle it and the results are very valuable.

Ace of Swords is a great prompt to start dialogue that you know you need to have, but you’re probably putting off.

Don’t be scared. Truth already exists and you are already living with it. You just need to make it clear so you can react accordingly and move forward. take it all in.

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July 24th to August 23rd

It’s time to stop remembering the same old situations (Photo: Getty/

Leo tarot card for mercury Aries: hanged man

meaning: You keep having the same old conversations with someone. It’s like Groundhog Day. Hmm.

The Hanged Man makes it clear that you need to come to this from a new angle, a different provocation. Ask them what they couldn’t do before. A different reaction than last time.

If the stimulus changes, the response will also change. This vague state is coming to an end. You are finally moving forward and fully communicating.

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August 24th to September 23rd

Can you see your loved one’s point of view? (Image: Getty/

Virgo tarot card for mercury Aries: knight of cups

meaning: Someone needs to hear what you really, really feel about them.

they love you They may not feel that this is being rewarded (it is), but perhaps you take it for granted a little, or are uncomfortable with these big proclamations. I can’t.

Do it your way, Virgo. they earned it. And you mean it

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September 24th to October 23rd

Call the experts – don’t go it alone (Photo: Getty/

Libra tarot card for mercury Aries: knight of coins

meaning: I have a pretty serious and detailed issue that requires a pretty serious and detailed conversation.

The Knight of Coins indicates that it relates to your health, wealth, work and home. It’s about looking to the future, ensuring security, putting something in place to protect your investment in the future, and using resources wisely.

Seek professional advice and opinions from people with real expertise. And ask them all! Do not leave questions unanswered.

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October 24th – November 22nd

Tensions may rise this Mercury season in Aries (Photo: Getty/

Scorpio tarot card for mercury Aries: Five of Wands

meaning: This Mercury in Aries season can have some silly, slightly contentious, or conflict-filled conversations unfolding, and you may not enjoy it. but Better outside than inside.

If things get hot or unfriendly, don’t blame yourself for it. Sometimes I say things I regret, and sometimes my emotions run high. The problem is either acknowledging it later and trying to fix it, or making amends for your role in it.

Don’t let the situation escalate. Take them back to a stable center and calmly apologize. But I am glad that what had to be said was said!

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November 23rd – December 21st

Sag, stand your ground (Photo: Getty/

Sagittarius tarot card for mercury Aries: 7 of Wands

meaning: Stand your ground, hold firm, and stand up for yourself. The Seven of Wands is about competition, competition, and the courage to stand tall when challenged.

You can win here. you deserve your vein Do the right thing in the right place and don’t let jealousy or nasty rivals undermine you.

Show them your mettle. Challenge others to covet and envy what you have as a compliment.

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December 22nd – January 21st

We need reassurance about the future (Photo: Getty/

Capricorn tarot card for mercury Aries: Eight of Swords

meaning: I want to have deep, honest, and meaningful conversations with someone about their long-term future, their aligned goals and ambitions, their hopes and dreams, and what they’re working on together.

The 9 of coins indicates that you want to put down roots, build something, and invest in your future. And you need to know where they stand, what they want, and if you’re on the same page.

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January 22nd to February 19th

Ready to get out of the rut? (Image: Getty/

aquarius tarot card for mercury Aries: Eight of Swords

meaning: This Mercury season in Aries presents an excellent opportunity to break communication ruts and bad habits that you have fallen into. You keep having the same conversation and it gets you nowhere fast.

The Eight of Swords is a nudge that if you keep doing the same thing the same way it will never be.

Focus on the dynamics going on, examine the comings and goings, and examine the triggers that make things go south. I do it differently now. Make progress at the end.

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February 20th to March 20th

Waiting for things to go their own way is a very long wait (Photo: Getty/

Pisces tarot card for mercury Aries: 2 of swords

meaning: There’s a big decision that’s been bothering you for a while and you want it to go away and settle.

It’s not going to be, Pisces. You have to face this and deal with it head-on.

first step? The Two of Swords asks you to cast the spell of Research, Delve, and Question. Find someone you trust and vent all your thoughts, ideas, feelings and doubts here. Let them help you organize your story and create a theory to follow. Get help, talk and get started.

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