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McGregor lashes out at drug testing agency USADA, UFC return in doubt

Conor McGregor exploded at USADA after anti-doping agencies seemingly overruled plans for his swift return to the UFC.

The Notorious has been away from being tested by the US Anti-Doping Agency for over a year. badly broken leg in his trilogy Dustin Poirier July 2021.


Conor McGregor is set to return to the octagon to face Michael Chandler later this yearCredit: Instagram @UFC
Mystic Mac was hoping to return sooner than expected, waiving USADA's test pool requirements.


Mystic Mac was hoping to return sooner than expected, waiving USADA’s test pool
The Notorious flew off USADA's steering wheel, seemingly ruining plans for a quick comeback


The Notorious flew off USADA’s steering wheel, seemingly ruining plans for a quick comebackcredit:

mcgregor34-year-olds must re-enroll in the pool for a minimum of six months and provide two negative tests before returning to the Octagon.

but he hoped to receive the same exemption brock lesnar An early return was granted in 2016, but was quickly withdrawn by USADA.

It enraged him and he tweeted: “This is my problem. I have never lied. Nor have I tested positive.”

“I’ve done over 70 clean tests under this program and I get consistent results when I speak in a way that makes me look like I’m lying.

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“Ridiculous. F**k used. You’re in The Bin. 70+ clean tests.”

“I have never done anything wrong. I will not be a scapegoat for this garbage organization.

“You are not the final all of this equation USADA.”

McGregor’s absence from the pool, combined with his dramatic body transformation, has led many To UFC Fighters It is speculated that he used the banned substance to recover from a potentially career-threatening injury.


And last November, he hinted at that possibility, saying he would “clear” the test in February.

He tweeted: “I am making it clear that we will be testing in February.

“I have completed two tests and booked matches for each USADA.”

Former two-division champion McGregor will face three-time Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler in his long-awaited comeback fight.

But the date of their tantalizing showdown now depends on when McGregor re-enters the USADA pool and whether he’s been granted waivers by the anti-doping agency.

McGregor hopes the fight will be the first of many, reports Barstool Sports.

“What do I want in this world? I want 100 battles. I want 100 more battles.

“I’m working on being consistent. I’ve been on, off, on, off nonsense for so long. It’s just the politics of fighting, injuries and life. It happens.”

“It’s God’s plan. It’s all God, so I accept it and understand it.

“But I’m excited and I’m looking forward to some great matches in a row.

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“I have a lot of exciting fights. I have some rivalries.

“There are so many matches I could have and I’m excited for all of them.”

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