Matthew Antonucci, who helped restart production after the Covid-19 lockdown, has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Safety, Contract Services

Matthew Antonucciwho played a key role in resuming film and television production after the early days of Hollywood’s Covid-19 lockdown, has been promoted from vice president to senior vice president of Production Affairs & Safety. contract service.

Contract Services is an entertainment industry trust fund that manages the safety, training and roster provisions of collective bargaining agreements between AMPTP and IATSE’s West Coast Studio Local, Teamsters Local 399 and Basic Crafts.

Antonucci, who also co-chairs the management team of the industry-wide Labor Safety Committee, oversaw a special task force in drafting the white paper that put the industry back to work in early June 2020. The white paper allowed industry to obtain return-to-work approval and paved the way for business and industry guilds and unions to negotiate return-to-work agreements.

Contract Services CEO David Gross said: “He is a thoughtful consensus builder, even under the intense pressure of industry shutdowns. I am proud of it.”

As Senior Vice President, Antonucci will continue to lead Contract Services’ production operations and safety departments coordinating studio policy decisions on a wide range of issues impacting production, including the recent Cal-OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards on Covid-19 safety. oversee. He is also an industry liaison with various local agencies, including the City of Los Angeles and County Fire Departments, and works closely with the Motion Picture Association on production and safety legislation across the country.

IATSE’s Kent Jorgensen, co-chair of the safety committee representing industry unions and guilds, said: “Our working relationship has always fostered a collaborative atmosphere on the Safety Committee and I look forward to continuing my important work as co-chair.”

Industry-wide industrial safety committees meet monthly to discuss topics that affect production safety and produce guidance for the industry through safety bulletins, guidelines and fact sheets.

Sirisha Platon, Senior Vice President of Labor Relations at Warner Bros. and Chairman of the Board of Contract Services. By facilitating healthy dialogue between employers and workers, Matt plays a key role in building consensus and driving positive change focused on the industry’s priorities of safety and environmental health. ”

Joining Contract Services in 2013 as Vice President of Production Affairs & Safety, Antonucci began his career in the entertainment industry before becoming a Field Representative for the Screen Actors Guild. He later joined the Directors Guild of America, took charge of international productions, and became DGA’s Production Safety Officer.

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