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Marco Silva hopes Mitrovic avoids lengthy suspension after Fulham’s FA Cup meltdown

Marco Silva Don’t expect Alexander Mitrovic to get a long ban after striker tried to catch referee Chris Cabana in five minutes of madness fulham A chance to reach the FA Cup semi-finals.

Fulham was leading Manchester United 1-0 in the last eight at Old Trafford when Willian blocks a goalbound Jadon Sancho I shot the line with my arm.

Cabana initially signaled for a corner kick, but it was sent to the screen by VAR’s Neil Swarbrick, where he dismissed a protesting Silva.

After the inevitable penalty decision and Willian’s red card, Fulham’s goalscorer Mitrovic was enraged at Kavanagh and tried to pull him back with his arm, with only 40 seconds between the three sent-offs.

United punished a Fulham meltdown as Bruno Fernandes scored from the penalty spot two minutes before Marcel Savitzer’s first United goal completed the turnaround.

Fulham’s loss of discipline could hurt their push to reach Europe via the Premier League and is sure to follow, but Silva grabs hold of Cabana, the referee Fulham are already frustrated with. Despite his image, don’t expect anything out of the ordinary from Mitrovic… this season.

In 1998, Paolo Di Canio received an 11-game suspension for beating Paul Alcock, but Mitrovic’s grab was less than dramatic.

“I don’t think so,” Silva said of the potential long-term suspension. “Of course, I saw the image and already talked to Mitro. It’s the moment he controls his emotions.

“Of course, he pushed the referee, but I didn’t think it was as bad as you’re saying, so I hope the people trying to decide decide with the fairness they deserve in that moment.

Given Silva’s first sight of red, his ability to deliver lectures on discipline was limited. He apologized in the dressing room, but he continued to complain about Cabana after the game.

At Old Trafford, Fulham wanted two penalties in the first half, both involving Mitrovic. Mitrovic quickly tangled with Lisandro Martinez after feeling he was shoved by Luke Shaw early on.

But the frustration goes back even further, with Fulham feeling two Hamers goals were handball-related in a 3-1 defeat to West Ham in October, and a 2-0 win over Leeds in the FA Cup last month. , Cabana ruled out a goal for Fulham. soft foul.

Silva said, “This season with Chris Cabana was really difficult for a football club. prize.

“That was our goal and I think we showed it in the 75th minute, but they also know he was the referee when we lost the game at West Ham with two clear handball goals. It was Chris Kavanagh in that moment. Everyone saw what happened this afternoon…

“Of course we have to control our emotions at every moment, but we are human.”

While Fulham weigh their costs, United are hoping to face Brighton at Wembley to lift their 13th FA Cup and add to the League Cup they won last month.

United had the second best balance of play before the penalty occurred. Erik Tennhis hug was happy with the result, but he knows his team can play better.

“We are happy with our performance, but there is a lot of room for improvement. “Today on the ball was an example of that. You have to use overload.

“There were definitely some good examples in the attack on transition today that could have been done better.”

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