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Manchester United won’t underestimate Lewis in FA Cup quarter-final – Mark Skinner

Mark Skinner insists Manchester United won’t underestimate Lewis in the Championship ahead of Sunday’s FA Cup quarter-finals.

Lewis are the lowest-ranked team in the competition and currently host the second-placed United side in the Super League.

Skinner ruled out Sunday being a potential ‘banana peel’ and reiterated that his team is fully prepared to expose the home team.

“We don’t see anyone like that[which is a potential banana peel]. We’ve been totally prepared for Lewis. We’ve seen all of their games and they’re We’ll see how we can play, how we can fight them, how we can expose them,” Skinner said.

“Everyone can get lucky, play well, get lucky, but all we have to do is create enough momentum in the game and enough momentum to score. If you do, it’s part of the match against your opponent and it doesn’t matter if you play against Lewis or not.

“We don’t take them lightly. They should expect us to do our best, and if they do, we’ll be in a position to try to move forward.”

Sunday’s game comes a week after United’s controversial 1-0 defeat. WSL To Chelsea at the top of the league. The Reds ruled the majority of the Emma Hayes-led team with his two penalty calls.

The United boss has spoken of using the defeat situation as motivation to advance to the semi-finals.

He said: “That day, two days later, I really didn’t understand… It almost felt like an injustice, but the reality is that the game is going hard and fast and you have to move forward.” It won’t work.

“In reality, I tried to get results to push back into the game. You can really match your opponent.”

Skinner praised his players’ ability to bounce back after experiencing setbacks, including last week’s loss.

“The great thing about our team is that I don’t have to do a lot of preparation. They’re already hungry.

“We have players waiting to jump at every opportunity they get. The energy in the group is really great.”

Current cup holders Chelsea look one step closer to defending the trophy, so they travel to Reading for a place in the last four.

Hayes’ side are hoping to win the FA Cup for the third time in a row, but Reading, who won their last two FA Cup games on penalties, stand in the way.

Championship side Birmingham welcome Brighton to St Andrews on Sunday afternoon.

The Seagulls have struggled in the league without a win since November and will need to do their best to beat lower-tier opponents who have won four of their last five games.

To kick off the night, last year’s defeated finalists Manchester City travel to Aston Villa.

Villa are likely to reach Wembley, going six games unbeaten, already winning 4-3 and drawing 1-1 against their quarter-final rivals, but City’s four-match victory is not enough. The run will give confidence on Gareth Taylor’s side.

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