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Manchester City vs Burnley LIVE: FA Cup updates

Urban Legend Company – Pep

city ​​of manchester welcome back former captain Vincent Company who is in charge Burnley for tonight FA Cup Quarter finals. Compagny’s men should be a good test for City, as Claret is back under the Belgians in this season’s championship. They are 13 points clear at the top of the table and have both the best offense and best defense in the second tier.

Pep Guardiola Men approach the game in an exceptional way. They were undefeated in all competitions in nine matches and entered the Champions League quarterfinals. Lost 7-0 to RB Leipzig on their last outing. Erling’s Haaland scored his five goals in the match, but with City’s deep squad, Phil said Foden, John Stones and Julian Alvarez should be in the starting line-up. , he is unlikely to start today.

The last match between these teams saw City win 2-0 in April last year. They enter the draw as solid favorites, but will be careful not to underestimate Burnley. Kompani returned to his hometown and set out to beat the side he captained, winning the Premier League four times and the FA Cup twice.

Follow all the action from the FA Cup quarter-finals as Manchester City host Burnley:


Man City 2-0 Burnley

41 mins: There were just 179 seconds between Erling Haaland’s two goals for Manchester City.

A free kick was awarded to the Burnley players as Nathan Terra and Rico Ruiz met in the middle of the pitch.

Michael JonesMarch 18, 2023 18:29


Man City 2-0 Burnley

38 mins: That goal really came out of nowhere. City put the heat up in his fifth minute, as he beat Burnley twice.

Although Clarets’ valiant highline has fallen twice, they are playing with confidence and Vincent Kompany believes a goal in their favor will get them back into the game.

Michael JonesMar 18, 2023 18:27


goal! Man City 2-0 Burnley (Haaland, 35′)⚽️

35 minutes: 2 people for 1! Phil Foden runs behind Conor Roberts and is handed the ball by Kevin De Bruyne, who carries it into the box and squares the pass to Erling’s Haaland. Erling Harland curls around Bailey Peacock Farrell.

The city is now in full control.

Michael JonesMar 18, 2023 18:23


goal! Man City 1-0 Burnley (Haaland, 32′)⚽️

32 min: Erling Haaland opens the scoring!

Stefan Ortega sends a long ball forward and Haaland wins in the air, nodding to Julian Alvarez. Haaland off the nearest defender’s shoulder and Alvarez threads his pass into the box.

The Norwegian knocked down Bailey Peacock Farrell and shoved the ball around the goalkeeper to put Man City forward.

Michael JonesMar 18, 2023 18:21


Man City 0-0 Burnley

30 min: Riyadh Mahrez plays a long pass from Stephan Ortega and sets up a down move for City’s left flank.

Phil Foden’s cross was met by Erling Haaland, but he could only head the ball back over the 6-yard box to miss the goal.

Michael JonesMarch 18, 2023 18:19


Man City 0-0 Burnley

27 mins: A Burnley corner is ruled out and Man City carry the ball across the pitch. Alvarez shoots from the front end and the deflection takes the ball back.

Riyad Mahrez made a set piece, but it flew over Erling Haaland again and was cleared by Claret.

Michael JonesMarch 18, 2023 18:15


Man City 0-0 Burnley

24 minutes: wow! Jordan Beyer made a great pass down the left side of the box and Nathan Terra scored. He tried to take a shot, but Ruben Diaz slid in from the right and put the ball out of play for a corner kick.

Incredible defense from Diaz.

Michael JonesMarch 18, 2023 18:10


Man City 0-0 Burnley

21 min: Man City are plagued by the ball moving too slowly and Burnley claiming high up the pitch.

Backtracking Julian Alvarez hit the ball and Lyle Foster was played to the edge of the box. He checks to the left and lines up his shot, but he gets stuffed by City centre-backs before he can shoot.

Michael JonesMarch 18, 2023 18:09


Man City 0-0 Burnley

18 min: Burnley have some momentum here. Anas Zarrowry gets behind Kyle Walker and brings a long ball into the penalty area.

He was forced out wide but scored a throw-in for the visitors. Burnley switched it to the right side of the pitch, with Nathan Terra in control and fizzing a shot from wide range on the far post.

Michael JonesMarch 18, 2023 18:05


Man City 0-0 Burnley

15 min: Julian Alvarez tries to break into the penalty area but loses the ball on the edge of the box. It comes down to Phil Foden flicking a cross over Erling Haaland’s head.

Drop it on Josh Cullen. Josh Cullen wastes no time nodding the ball clear. City is starting to pick up the tempo.

Michael JonesMarch 18, 2023 18:01

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