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Major Stars Confirm EastEnders Exit And It’s Coming Soon

Another departure (Photo: BBC)

EastEnders star Patsy Kensit confirmed when She’s leaving the BBC One soap.

The actress arrived a few weeks ago to play the role of Emma Harding in Laura (Daniel Harold) deceased mother.

Reuniting with her daughter was not easy for Emma. Emma not only reveals why she ended up with Laura taking care of her, Coping with her daughter’s terminal illness.

Getting to know her mother has also been a recent challenge for Laura in order to turn the tables. She recently noticed Emma meddling with her and Jay (Jamie Borthwick) life.

Entering Peggy’s, Emma finds Jay talking to a woman during a night out with Ben (Max Borden) and Callum (Tony Clay).

While Jay leans over the woman to hear her, Emma sees the exchange as more than that, I started telling Laura that her partner was cheating on me.

At this point, it doesn’t look likely that Emma’s time in Walford will end on a positive note, but it’s possible she may exit, but we won’t have to wait too long.

“We finished shooting three or four weeks ago. I was never asked to come in for the two-block shoot.

Emma is a bit of a troublemaker (Photo: BBC)

“I enjoyed the show a lot. Danielle is amazing. Jamie Borthwick, who plays her husband, we had a lot of scenes with him. I have some really good friends there.” The characters are amazing and I’m just stoked to be in EastEnders, a dream come true!

She added: I go back to people like Pat Phoenix on Coronation Street. But, obviously, Barbara Windsor, June Brown, they had a big impact on me with the great one-liners they had.

“It’s so delicious to be able to play a role like that because you can say things that you would never say to anyone in real life. At least I don’t!” increase.

Patsy reflected on what it was like to be part of another soap, saying, “I’ve been an EastEnders super fan for years, but the first week was scary! The pace is tough! Walford is freezing cold and the temperature drops a few degrees when you drive in and back up when you drive out.

“I have the greatest respect for soap actors, staff and soap writers because they are at the top of their game. Years ago, soaps were considered the graveyard of actors.

But this is our drama on TV right now. There are other one-offs, but people are really invested in these shows.

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