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Lucas Gage reveals his mother’s reaction to NSFW’s White Lotus scene

Luke Gage Fortunately for him, his mother is not rude either.

The actor confirmed a lot after she watched the first season white lotusIn , he plays a resort staffer named Dillon who shares some pretty intimate scenes with his boss Almond (Murray Bartlett) — someone who does more than kiss the buttocks.

“She says, ‘That’s a great ass. Get that money. Get that bag and commit.'” Lucas told Variety in an interview“Mom is cool. She’s like a cool little hippie woman. I think we both share a European flair when it comes to nudity.”

Lucas recently revealed He was criticized for taking roles from LGBTQ actors and was even dropped by his agent. For not labeling his sexuality.but Is the actor dating chris appleton I receive countless fan mails from the gay community.

The HBO series takes place in different resort branches each season, so it’s unlikely the California native will return to White Lotus, but most recently, you — he receives a golden shower.

“We have a couple from the Golden Shower community who are so grateful to be on screen,” he told Variety. “

“I didn’t want anyone to feel scrutinized or feel like the butt of a joke,” Lucas continued. I believe that we should embrace all that we love and not be ashamed of it.”

The conversation naturally went like this diplowho recently said Emily Ratajkowski or He received oral sex from a man, but did not view the act as gayLucas said most men “don’t have the confidence or the sincerity to speak like that.”

“There will be people on either side saying he doesn’t label himself enough,” Lucas told Variety. “I admire his honesty and label everything. I don’t think you have to put it all on to understand everything. Things can be in a gray area, they don’t have to be black and white.”

Upcoming actor road house remake together Jake Gyllenhaalis ultimately most proud of bringing queer representation to the screen — and the “goal” is for viewers to be “seen in these characters” and not feel so alone.

“If I’m part of that conversation, if you have a kid who says, ‘I feel seen in it and connected to this character,'” Lucas told Variety, “It’s an honor and It’s a big compliment.”

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