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Law could be changed to make it easier to remove rogue police officers

law Can be changed to make it easier for police chiefs to fire rogue cops. home secretary Said.

Suela Braverman Now, the chief constable said it was “extremely difficult” to get rid of the “missing” officers.

Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Department Mark Rowley He estimates that hundreds of officers in his army have escaped misconduct or even criminal activity, but he currently has no way of eliminating them.

of home office He began a review of police disciplinary processes earlier this year after serving as an official at the Bureau of Meteorology. David Carrick Convicted as a serial rapist.

Police-wide inspector issues were also confirmed by Her Majesty’s Police and Fire and Rescue Service (HMICFRS) inspectors.

Metropolitan Airlines prepares for a difficult week with the publication of Baroness Casey’s review of military culture and standards. Wayne Cousins.

Ms Braverman acknowledged that there were “serious problems” with policing, but backed Sir Mark to raise the standards of the Metropolitan Police.

She told reporters accompanying her visit to Rwanda: Review and process.

“I have announced changes that we will be making, or at least discussing, regarding the termination process.

“I have found it very difficult for the Chief Constable to dismiss an officer…if insufficient.

“If the law needs to be changed, I will.

“But in the end, we had to make sure that all the standards were raised, and the MET Commissioners were serious about achieving that goal.”

We must remember that the majority of the London Metropolitan Police officers are brave, courageous and uphold the highest standards.

Suela Braverman

She said the Metropolitan Railroad had had “real failures”, some of which had “tragic” consequences.

“The important thing now is that we support the Commissioner and his rebuilding plan so that the Metropolitan can protect the public, improve its standards and recruit the best people to keep people safe. It is to support him and his lieutenant to ensure maintenance.

“The commissioner has my endorsement for doing it.”

However, she added:

Scotland Yard hopes Casey’s investigation will be an opportunity to reset ties with the capital’s community and help the process of rebuilding trust following incidents like those of Cousins ​​and Carrick.

Indicating the report’s offensive reading, Deputy Metropolitan Secretary Dame Lynn Owens, who saw it before its release, said, “For those of us who care, our emotional The reaction will be raw,” he said, adding that police “should expect it.” In the wake of critical commentary.

She said: “I have a heartfelt request. This is an opportunity for many good officers and staff to work with the community to reset if needed. , will touch your heart.”

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