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‘Kingsman’ Taron Egerton: ‘I don’t think I’m the right choice for James Bond’

Without it, Egerton delivers another brilliant performance on Tetris. Henk Rogers is an American entrepreneur who went behind the Iron Curtain in the 1980s and tried to steal the rights to Tetris from under the nose of the late Daily Mirror publisher Robert Maxwell. He’s an incredibly charming, unimportant knight,” Egerton said of the man who traveled to Cold War-era Moscow on a tourist visa and broke into state-owned Electroorg Technica’s headquarters to get everyone’s attention. KGB. The game was created by a young Soviet software his engineer, Alexei Pajitnov, but the intellectual property rights were owned by the state. Tetris was lovingly made, copied from floppy disk to floppy disk, and the game was first spread by hand before eventually selling more than 100 million copies of him worldwide.

Egerton’s exuberant and likable Genk is another example of an actor’s range. Already proven in roles including Eddie “Eagle” Edwards in the British ski jumper’s endearing 2016 biopic, the energetic Loxley’s all-action Robin Hood remake, if failed, two years later. , it was his amazing performance in Rocketman that truly established his credentials as an actor and singer. The film made headlines by aggressively addressing aspects of Elton John’s life that other biopics don’t touch on: drug addiction and gay sex. “I didn’t live a PG-13 rated life,” the flamboyant rock star wrote at the time.
On the same mind-boggling scale as Bohemian Rhapsody, which was just flirting with queer icon Freddie Mercury’s sex life. “I’m not sure the fact that we chose to explore those places more was the reason it didn’t make the same money,” says Egerton.[but] I don’t change movies. ” He kept in touch with the singer and caught him on a farewell tour. “Actually it was great and very emotional.”

His role as a gay man in Cock demonstrated his continued willingness to take on queer roles. “It’s Elton,” he laughs. “I grew up in a very liberal town and some of my closest friends are gay. I don’t think so, it’s very easy for me to say as a straight guy, but I think it’s a precedent maybe not worth setting.”

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