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Kim Kardashian ignites mystery when she posts and deletes photos of her reclusive brother Rob

Kim Kardashian caused a mystery after she posted and deleted a photo of her reclusive brother Rob.

A father of one, he has stayed out of the public eye in recent years despite his family’s growing fame.


Kim Kardashian quickly deleted her older brother Rob’s past photosCredit: Getty
Rob tends to stay out of the spotlight these days


Rob tends to stay out of the spotlight these daysCredit: Getty
Kim posted some sweet snaps to celebrate Rob's birthday


Kim posted some sweet snaps to celebrate Rob’s birthdayCredit: Instagram

The 42-year-old reality star was marking her only sibling robes Celebrating his 36th birthday, he shared a series of historic photos to celebrate his big day.

If you write next to your collection of memories, kardashian family Star said, “Happy Birthday Roberto.

“I love you so much!!! I would like to post your singing notes here to show the world your true talent.

“BUTTTT swipe to the last screen and you can hear Robbie speaking fake Armenian.”

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However, die-hard fans soon found out Kim I posted it, but I was missing one snap.

The photo in question showed Rob and Kim with their sister courtney and their youngest full sister chloe as half sisters Kendall Jenner There was also.

However, the youngest Kardashian star, Kylie Jenner, was half-cropped from the image.

One fan asked, “Kim reposted and deleted this first photo. Why?”

Another respondent speculated:

Another fan said:

Meanwhile, Rob’s only son after years of mental and physical health issues at KUWTK. Robert Kardashian and then-wife chris jennerhas decided to live his life almost out of the spotlight.

He was just 20 years old when he stepped into the spotlight alongside his brothers at the KUWTK premiere in 2007.

It wasn’t until years later that Rob began to struggle with weight problems that his television appearances eventually faded over time.

Fans have consistently worried about his health, especially after his sister in March 2022. Khloe liked the cryptic tweets about him.

According to him, Rob seems to shy away from social media as well, as his official Instagram account is run by Jenner Communications. bio.

he even skipped his sister Courtney’s gorgeous Italian wedding To Travis Barker,according to this every weekwas not personal.

A source told the outlet at the time that Kourtney’s only sibling “really wanted to be there for Kourtney’s special day.”

Rob is A rare appearance in an episode of his family’s Hulu show in May.

But he tried to hide from the cameras the whole time.

Rob was also the only Kardashian to miss Kim’s big 42nd birthday Bash in October.

A recently leaked email hinted at Rob’s return to the realm of reality.

A screenshot of an anonymous email posted on social media read, “Rumors about Rob Kardashian being in the public eye are true.

“On our exclusive podcast or episode of Kardashian, we’ll talk about what he’s been through and what kind of help he’s getting.

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“[His daughter] Dream happiness is the focus. ”

Rob shares his only child with ex Black Chyna.

Rob has barely been in the spotlight since KUWTK went off the air


Rob has barely been in the spotlight since KUWTK went off the airCredits: E!
Rob is rumored to be working on a new project that could put him back in the spotlight


Rob is rumored to be working on a new project that could put him back in the spotlightCredit: Getty

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