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Katya Jones Talks ‘Rough’ New Reality Show – After Leaving Strictly

SHE left their Strictly Come Dancing glow behind for a Celebrity Hunted run.

but Katya Jones Revealing her desperate attempt to shed her usual charm before she hits the road with pal Amy Fuller, we couldn’t be happier about it.


Strictly Star Katya Jones Heads For Celebrity Hunted FugitiveCredit: P.A.
She revealed her desperate attempt to shed her usual charm before hitting the road with pal Amy Fuller


She revealed her desperate attempt to shed her usual charm before hitting the road with pal Amy FullerCredit: Shine TV Limited

The lineup led by professional dancers Ed Gamble, James Aster Nicola Thorp trying to evade capture for the Stand Up 2 Cancer special. channel 4 next week.

Katya told me: “I always stay true to myself and I’m not worried about looking rough.

“I’m happy to show people a side of me they’ve never seen.

“I’ve been trying to remove my hair extensions for days, but I don’t think I have time to do so.

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“So, if your extensions fall out while you’re running, you might leave marks on your hair! Do you know?”

When Katya was first booked for the role, I thought that the producers would help her overcome the pressure and More on her infamous snog with dance partner Seann Walsh at Strictly in 2018 when she got married and had a girlfriend.

However, it seems she was busy worrying about another kind of dirt.

She added: “Do our business with buckets? Wow, I hadn’t thought of that!

“We love a comfortable life. We love a good bed, but at the same time we don’t hesitate to sleep and get dirty.”

“But you never know. When you’re tired from running, sometimes things don’t go as planned.

“I’m really excited about that aspect, how it reacts in extreme situations.

“I can talk, but can I take a walk?”

Aimee, a former Team GB snowboarder turned TV presenter and sports personality, has also taken up the challenge.

She told me: “I mean, I’ve been to the mountainside toilet many times.

“The worst was the snowboard world championships. Chinahalf of the snowboard field was held up by the pine trees in the forest due to the treacherous dinner the previous night.

“So I’m used to having to rough it up.”

The girls had a plan to not only avoid capture on the show, but to have the same basic premise as the civilian version. huntedwas launched in 2015.

A pair of individuals are challenged to act as fugitives on the run for two weeks, attempting to outwit the expert skills of current and former cops, and intelligence officials.

Amy says, “I’m wondering if I have time to do yoga or something in the morning.

“But my concern is wasting my shorts while doing yoga.

“If we’re in the wilderness, we might get naked and do the right thing when the cameras aren’t around!”

Amy, I think it’s a completely different kind of reality show.

  • The Stand Up 2 Cancer celebrity hunt begins March 28th at 9pm on Channel 4.

the couple passed the test

For real life couples Nicola Thorpe and Nikesh PatelThe Hunted was more than just a TV challenge.

The actors said they saw them running together as a relationship test, and it looks like they passed with flying colors as Nikesh popped the question right after the shoot.

Nikesh posed a question to Nicola right after shooting Hunted Together


Nikesh posed a question to Nicola right after shooting Hunted Together

When they tried to evade capture, Nikola is best known as Collies Nicola Rubinstein, first time with much of Nikesh’s family.

She said: “When we get old, we look back and say, ‘What a crazy thing we did.’

“And if we can survive the two-week getaway together, I think we’re set for life!”

The pair have kept their relationship private until now.

Before the trip Nikesh added:

“We’ve had a lot of arguments, but we might need some kind of signal, so if we want to fight, we can do it off-camera!

“There is no relationship that normally experiences this kind of challenge without some kind of tension.”

Alison Tub Aid

no surprises this morningwith Nick, a life-changing expert on Eva Speakman They managed to improve their lot while avoiding capture.

the couple turned around ITV fellow Allison Hammond Ended up knocking Chomper back in her hot tub for help.

Nick and Eva knocked Chomper back in Alison Hammond's hot tub


Nick and Eva knocked Chomper back in Alison Hammond’s hot tubCredits: Rex Features

“When we went to Alison’s house, she wouldn’t let us in,” Eva said.

“She said she didn’t recognize us because we were in disguise!

“She set us up. She called us a driver and gave us a little cash so we could buy food.”

Nick adds:

“It was in the heat of the heat and I was only wearing long pants.

“So I borrowed Alison’s son’s shorts, and I still have them.”

And maybe some swim trunks too.

ED: Bialan was really fun

comedian Ed Gamble and James Aster We had a good laugh and turned the job into one giant pub crawl.

Ed said:

Ed Gamble Said He And Fellow Comic's James Aster Turned Their Work Into A Huge Pub Crawl


Ed Gamble Said He And Fellow Comic’s James Aster Turned Their Work Into A Huge Pub CrawlCredit: P.A.

“We had some great food and went to great pubs across the country.

“I don’t know how much the edit will involve, but I drank a lot of beer because it was so warm.

“Summer was in full swing. So we got up, drank a lot of Factor 50 and frequented the pub.”

The young people also ended up with task master House.

“We watched the sun set from Taskmaster’s house,” Ed said on the quiz show.

“They had a beer fridge, so we slept there that night on our own.

“Hunters, I’ve set a Home Alone trap!”

SAFFY’s soothing painting

as social media influencer, saffron barker I spend my days taking pictures of myself to post online.

But the former Strict contestant thinks it can help her calm down.

Influencer Saffron thinks taking pictures of herself makes her feel calmer


Influencer Saffron thinks taking pictures of herself makes her feel calmerCredit: Getty

She laughed: “Because of my job, I’m actually quite recognizable when I go out, so I feel like I’m a person who is very conscious of the people around me anyway. I’m used to taking pictures, or me from afar…

“It’s scarier than dancing live with Strictly, that’s for sure!”

Saffron is paired with Terry’s brain box Bobby Segal – Anyone who has a unique connection to Strictly.

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He said: “I’m friends with some of the Strictly crew. Ochimabusebut Katya has a show, so she already has them in the bag [as helpers].

“For example, I asked Mike Bushel if he could help me, and he said, ‘I can’t help you, brother, I’m already helping Katja!

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