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Kate and William ‘worried’ about George’s role in coronation – author

prince william and KateThe Prince and Princess of Wales are reportedly ‘worried’ that their 9-year-old son will feel undue pressure if he takes on an important role in his grandfather’s home. coronationRoyal commentator Tom Quinn suggested that there was “a bit of discussion” behind the scenes about the part. prince george It’s possible he could play on May 6th without affecting him or stirring up public opinion negatively.

The author of the newly published book Gilded Youth tells

“I’ve heard that Kate and William are worried it’s too much for him.”

Despite their status in the company, the Prince and Princess of Wales have strived to keep their children out of the public eye and provide them with as normal a childhood as possible.

As Prince George princess charlotte and prince louis He has already appeared in official events one after another, and is gradually taking on official duties.

His sister Charlotte accompanies Prince George on most of his official visits, and the children have made several firsts, including his first appearance at a Christmas service at Sandringham in 2019 and his first official visit to Cardiff in 2022. I am recording the events of

The brothers and sisters have also captured the attention of millions when they served as page boys and flower girls at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding in 2018 and at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral last September. We supported each other.

Quinn said concerns about George’s role in Prince Charles’ coronation stem not just from the heir to the throne’s youth, but also from choices the company has made earlier.

As for another reason Kate and William might be worried, he said: , and walking behind her coffin at their age.

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“A lot of people criticized it and said it was horrible to let two boys, especially Harry, do that.

“So people remember this and say, ‘Wait a minute. If George is some kind of page boy or has a similar role at the coronation, it’s too much of a return to traditional roles. Are there any?’ I think you are thinking.”

“So I’m hearing that there’s a very intense discussion going on right now about how to do that, and as far as I’ve heard, it hasn’t been decided yet.”

But Quinn speculates that the nine-year-old girl, who will play an important role in the coronation, “would be less prominent.”

This shows the Prince and Princess of Wales “poisoning” whether their eldest son should be included in their upcoming historic ceremony, and considering what is best for their son in light of public attention and media coverage. Following the report in late February that they were considering it. Attached to the event.

Destined to one day be crowned at Westminster Abbey, George will likely play a role in ceremony, Daily Telegraph While writing Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will attend the event as spectators.

Prince George is not the first young heir to the throne to attend the coronation.

In front of him, 11-year-old Princess Elizabeth sat in a five-hour service during the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1937.

The current monarch was just four years old when he attended the three-hour coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Tom Quinn’s Gilded Youth, published by Biteback, is available in hardcover for £15.

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