Jen Psaki Debuts New MSNBC Program, Focused On Donald Trump, Less On Joe Biden: ‘One Week Is Hell To Launch A New Show’

Joe Biden’s First White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki started her new MSNBC Telling viewers about the show on Sunday, he said, “It’s been a tough week to launch a new show.”

She was talking about the big news of the weekend — the possible arrest of Donald Trump and a call to protest for his supporters — given MSNBC has long focused on the former president’s warnings. It was expected that she would lead it.

nevertheless, Inside Jen Psakiher challenge is to create a moment that grabs attention and stands out in a very crowded group of Beltway programs on Sunday.

Her out-of-the-box perspective and experience as a communications strategist make her a natural fit for the audience of the network’s opinion show, but the show sees her move beyond the role of NBC News pundit to the role of a cable host. Move to role. Ease of interviewer skill and engaging personality. All News With her network struggling to retain viewers (particularly younger viewers), MSNBC apparently hopes Psaki is ready to transition to a bigger role on the network. is.

Psaki’s show was slotted into the noon Eastern time slot after many of the broadcast network’s Sunday shows had aired, leaving her show responsible for finding a unique take on the Trump story.

Key to her interview with Hakeem Jeffries, the first guest house minority leader, Psaki played a clip of Mike Pence appearing on ABC News. this week Early in the morning, when the former Vice President denounced a possible indictment of Trump on Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.

Jeffries said Pence “knows a lot and is ashamed of himself, which is a shame,” and said New York prosecutors should be allowed to “do their job.” .

This was largely friendly territory for Jeffries, and he was given plenty of time to discuss Democratic issues. Prior to that, friction within the Democratic caucuses as Biden moved to the center on certain issues.

Psaki’s question was not prosecutive, but neither was her question superficial. In a tweet on Saturday, she put pressure on Jeffries about whether Democrats would join House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s oath. Democratic Head of the Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and Congressman Stacey Plaskett (D-VI), Democratic Head of the Special Weaponization of Government Committee.

Jeffries also dismissed the “weaponization” commission, stating that it was “more appropriately named the Commission to Protect Insurgents.” Some time later, when Saki asked him about a Washington Post article about reaching “a sort of truce” with McCarthy, Jeffries said they had developed a “positive, positive relationship.” It was a close relationship, and he probably asked for a follow-up.

Psaki then interviewed Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a potential future presidential candidate, and noted that the state’s gun reform bill did not include a ban on assault weapons. Did. Whitmer continued to lean into the buzzword of “conversation” going on, while Psaki revealed that gun safety issues would become a common topic on the show.

Another taped interview was with New York City Mayor Eric Adams, in which he offered Shaw’s only criticism of the Biden administration on the immigration issue and called for a “real strategy with adjustments.” He was careful not to criticize Vice President Kamala Harris, saying the attack on her was “unfair.”

However, Adams’ segment had no further follow-up as it was part of a lighter feature called . weekend routine, Psaki meets with politicians in places of everyday life. For Adams, it was on the New York subway, and later at the Gracie Mansion, when the mayor made a smoothie, Psaki asked about the ingredients. “Do you drink coffee often?” she asked. “Never,” said Adams. No follow up required.

A stronger part of Psaki’s show were moments that drew on her own experiences in communication, including segments where the term “awakened” was increasingly used by Republican presidential candidates and right-wing personalities. Insights into how the White House will respond to Trump’s arrest.

“You won’t hear much from them about Trump’s outburst,” she said. increase.”

As she finishes her hour, Psaki says the show will “feature people who are playing a role in making change. Some agree, some disagree, and that’s okay. It should be, because it is a healthy part of the doctrine.”

An interesting question is just how far that disagreement has gone. Does it mean a moment when she speaks out against the White House’s actions, or does the show turn on Republican guests and ardent Biden administration critics? Can I make a reservation? She has experience too. Some of Psaki’s most memorable viral moments as a press secretary came when she sparred with reporters from her right-leaning news outlet.

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