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Inside the 87 Non-Patriotic Councils Spend Nothing on the King’s Coronation

King Charles’ Local Council is one of nearly 100 austere authorities that spend nothing to celebrate his coronation.

cotswolds The District Council is one of 83 Party Pooper Town Halls.


King Charles’ Local Council is one of about 100 strict authorities that have spent nothing on his coronation.
Cotswold District Council downplays the day


Cotswold District Council downplays the dayCredit: AFP

Unpatriotic authorities are branded ‘shameful’ and ‘disappointing’ as Britons are urged to lag behind first coronation May 6th, 70 years later.

for the past 43 years, charles used to live Highgrove House at Tetbury, Glucks.

but LDPThe Cotswold government, which he leads, has no plans to hold his coronation.

local tree MP Sir Jeffrey Clifton Brown said: They managed to find at least something, especially with our royal ties – I think people are happy with us. royal Connect here.

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“I would expect the Cotswold District Council to do something, especially if Highgrove is in the area.”

A special holiday has been given to people to celebrate the coronation of Prince Charles, and celebrations will take place across the UK from May 6th to May 8th.

However, our Freedom of Information request has revealed that the Council has not allocated any money for it.

They include Camden Council north west london – hometown labor leader Sir Kia Starmer.

authorities Bolton, LeedsSouthend, Leicester, Brighton and middlesbrough Also, I haven’t prepared any money.

Anger at Labor leadership Sunderland Lack of funds in the city council for the May festival.

Conservative opposition leader Anthony Mullen said: “The council chose to allow niche political views by a small number of far-left MPs to discourage city residents from celebrating the coronation. is shameful,” he said. ”

nothing is assigned to either Doncasterin November hundreds of people with Charles Queen Camilla Give city status.

“I think the Doncaster Council missed a trick by not providing meaningful support,” said local councilor Nick Allen.

In London, the authorities in Islington, Hillingdon, Redbridge and Bexley do not allocate daily budgets. Kent, Essex and cornwall I haven’t made a budget.

But on the other end of the scale, East London’s Barking and Dagenham Council have spent £155,000 to celebrate a historic weekend.

Richmond and Wandsworth are investing £150,000, teeth The City Council has allocated £100,000 — of which £10,000 will be used for gifts to babies born in the month of the coronation.

Coventry The city council initially said it had not secured funds, but later confirmed that some funds had been raised to commemorate the occasion.

the coronation Westminster Abbey It was scaled back and dismissed — palace sources say the ceremony will “knock your socks off.”

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Celebrations include star-studded parties. take that and Lionel Richie at Windsor Castleunderwritten by the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sports.

The government also provided £1 million so that patriotic Britons could watch the coronation on the big screen.

BRITS are given an additional holiday to celebrate Charles' coronation.


BRITS are given an additional holiday to celebrate Charles’ coronation.Credit: AFP
The King's coronation on May 6th may have an anniversary-like event


The King’s coronation on May 6th may have an anniversary-like eventcredit:

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