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Inside Boris Johnson’s party gate ‘papers’ containing invisible text

boris johnson is preparing to uncover “bombshell” evidence he believes could exonerate him over the Partygate scandal. He is reportedly putting the finishing touches on his defense against the accusation that blockade-Breaking party at Downing Street.A new revelation comes ahead of the grilling session at House of Commons Privilege Committee on Wednesday.

According to The Telegraph, Mr Johnson’s “bomb defense dossier”, as his supporters have explained, contains information from Mr Johnson’s advisers on Covid in issue 10, which was distributed just before he addressed Congress. A letter is included telling you that the rules have not been broken.

An unnamed source close to Johnson’s legal team said the documents contained new evidence that “supports his case.”

His defense was that he told Congress what he believed to be true at the time, the sources said. Documentary evidence shows that he was advised to say what he kept saying.

Johnson claimed he didn’t think he was breaking any rules until he later corrected himself after it was revealed what had really happened.

His six-strong legal team, led by Lord Panic, used WhatsApp conversations and other “internal communications” to claim that the Prime Minister’s statement was based on what he was told by the No 10 aide. present.

Teams must submit written defenses by Monday morning, which will be made public before Wednesday’s hearing.

The MP on that panel is expected to claim that he should have known that some of the events he attended violated lockdown rules.

London Metropolitan Police have fined 83 people, including Mr Johnson and Mr Rishi Sunak, for breaking Covid laws in connection with eight separate rallies at government buildings, 126 people fined this is some kind of impropriety. Evidence of deeds.

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His legal team also warns that his lawsuit risks setting a precedent for members of Congress to be dragged before the Privileges Committee every time they make honest mistakes and fix the record.

His defense would also argue that the Privilege Commission’s political orientation made it an “unfair process” to let Mr Johnson through.

The committee is headed by Ms Herman of Labor, a 41-year veteran MP, and is made up of seven MPs (4 Conservative, 2 Labor and 1 SNP).

The commission issued an interim report earlier this month containing new evidence, but friends of the former prime minister believe it was “randomly chosen” and does not represent the full picture.

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