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Influencer tears up at criticism of her baby’s unusual name

influencer Lyanna Jade shared an emotional reaction to a fellow YouTuber who recently made fun of Uncommon baby name.

Jade and her partner, Conor Darlington, have more than two million YouTube subscribers and frequently post videos about their relationship and family. In July, the pair announced the arrival of his sonCozy, whose name is pronounced like “Cozy”.

of recent video Posted on her TikTok, Jade addressed some of the backlash she faces Sunand called out YouTubers Matt and Abby for a recent episode. unscheduled podcastthey discussed baby names.

“I don’t hate it, but you may have seen the Matt and Abby couple,” she said with tears in her eyes. We were talking about…they were talking about how ridiculous some of these new unique names are.”

The couple didn’t specifically mention the name Cozy, but Abby insisted their video Some of the baby names “out there these days” are the ones that Matt agrees are “annoying her.” Abby also said that giving a child a name that has not been used before [people] It can be a “red flag”.

In her TikTok video, Jade tearfully talked about how her child’s name came to be.

“Basically, our baby is called Koazy.” No, it was a name we already had.”

The influencer admitted that the name felt even more fitting during her pregnancy, explaining: And confirmed with us that that’s what we should name him because we already had that name and people were saying it. ”

After realizing that her son’s name felt like “what it should be,” she also admitted that she “wasn’t trying to name him for Flex.” , shared that when viewers in the comments on Matt and Abby’s video “ripped” her baby’s name, it “really upset” her.

“I knew not everyone would like that name, so I’m not going to sit here defending it,” added Jade. But it’s completely different when this comments section opens up to videos of big influencers like people sitting there denigrating my baby’s name with fully grown adults.

She concluded the video by highlighting what she would consider if she posted her thoughts on baby names.

“I think it’s pretty cruel,” the influencer added. I think we’ll be very careful about how it affects us.”

Matt and Abby have now disabled comments on the podcast’s TikTok video, saying ‘baby names get out of hand in 2023’

As of March 14, Jade’s videos have been viewed more than 6 million times, with TikTok users showing their support in the comments and praising her son’s name.

“Hey Liana, don’t mind Cozy because it’s such a cute name. CL fam will probably love that name. Love you Connor and Cozy so much,” one person wrote.

“The important thing is that you and your partner love the name,” she added. love island Molly May Haig, the star who recently gave her Unusual name for newborn daughter: Bambi.

A third poster said, “I gave it to Koazy and everyone loved it. I think it’s very unique.”

Other viewers lambasted critics for making rude comments about Liana’s baby name choice.

“You said you’re fully grown up now. If they can’t be grown up and respect your child’s name, they’re not worthy of attention!!” one wrote.

“Honestly, I don’t understand how people can attack babies!! I love unusual names and I think Cozy is such an adorable name!!”

Independent I have reached out to Jade, Matt and Abby for comment.

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