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“I was robbed of £3,000 by a luxury sofa company and have been sued for filing a complaint with Trustpilot.”

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Dear Katie

In October 2021 I bought my first flat in London.It’s all very exciting and I started looking household goods Including sofa.

I learned about a furniture company called Maker&Son Ltd on Instagram.It’s great marketing and lots of influencer I was pushing the sofa. The brand was founded by Alex Wilcock, grandson of the late Sir Terrence Conran, and his son Felix Conran, so it had an air of trust.

On December 28, 2021, I purchased a gorgeous green linen sofa “Marnie”. I used my Visa debit card to make two installments totaling £2,907.25.

There was a delay with my order and the original company promised a refund on the condition that they remove all negative online reviews.

However, while the company was in trusteeship, the refund date kept being pushed back, and I was eventually told by the new company that they could neither fulfill the order nor refund the money. , is now out of pocket with almost £3,000.

Unfortunately my bank says that Maker&Son Ltd has cheated me for a long time and that there is nothing they can do to get my money back as my order is past 120 days.

I wrote on behalf of Trustpilot and Inc&Co about my terrible experience with a company called Inc Advisory. threatened to take me to court and asking for a cost of £15,000.

NL, by email

Dear Reader,

Maker & Son’s exclusive ad depicts a slow-motion video of a dreamy linen-clad woman with long blond hair jumping onto a cloud-like sofa and hopping happily.

It’s the epitome of healthy luxury. Made from all natural materials declared to be of the highest quality known to mankind, Maker & Son’s Sofa We promise “the most comfortable in the world”.

And it has to do so to justify its five-figure fixed price for a big piece. But despite its blissful advertising, its Trustpilot review tells a very different story. More than half of them are 1 star out of 5 (lowest score), making them very difficult to read.

You seem to be one of a great many unhappy Maker&Son Ltd customers. In 2021, he bought a sofa in two installments, then got frustrated when the August 16th delivery date approached, and he hasn’t heard a peep since early May.

Finally, in August I received a generic email from Maker&Son Ltd. Today is a specific date, but I will contact you as soon as this is communicated to me. “

Unfortunately, if a company acquires another company, they are not obligated to honor existing consumer contracts. This means anything offered in good faith.

You were really horrified and asked for a refund, but it was agreed within 60 days. However, 60 days went by with no contact, and he finally received an email stating that he needed to manage his “cash flow.”

I was told that the refund would be paid by February 23, 2023. This was contingent on removing negative online posts about the former company.

I agree with this and will remove the negative review. However, the new deadline has passed and it was not until March 1st that I received another email from Inc & Co withdrawing their offer. “We took action to achieve that objective and the order had been delivered, but the creditors of the old company (Maker&Son Limited) liquidated the company.

The decision left the new company, Maker&Son Ops, unable to conduct operations and control manufacturing and delivery to customers. Maker&Son Ops was also liquidated. When this happens, the company’s liquidator controls all cash and assets, and customers unfortunately lose the money they paid for the business. “

Instead, Inc & Co has given 50% off new made-to-order items if the order is placed within the next 6 months. But of course all you want is a refund. When I contacted Inc & Co, a Manchester-based retailer, and asked why he said he would sue you for £15,000 for posting on Trustpilot about his former company, Maker & Son Ltd, Inc & Co. I received a reply from “Inc Advisory” via I almost threw up my tea.

It described many customers who lost money and then posted their bad experiences with Maker & Son Ltd online as “annoying”.

“Customers are at a loss as the company goes into management and new license holders are happy to fulfill all outstanding orders, but some customers are trying to cause as much trouble as possible and Inc. You are defaming and harassing & Co.”

The way legal warnings are used to try to silence you online is very unusual. You’ve fulfilled your dream of buying the ‘most comfortable sofa in the world’, but in reality he’s in the nightmare of losing £3,000. I wish there was more I could do to get your money back.

Aside from ordering this sofa in the first place, your biggest regret is not paying with a credit card. “Article 75 Chargeback” You may have gotten your money back by now because you didn’t receive the goods or services. You can’t go back in time, but your story will help warn others about the company becoming a trustee.

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