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I wanted a marble manicure – they’re such bad people saying nail techs should be jailed.

If you’re making the effort to get a gel manicure, trendy nail art is also worth asking for.

So when TikToker Emii Ervine booked to get her nail Earlier this month, beauty fans asked for a chic marble design.


Emii wanted this pink and blue marble design she found onlineCredit: TIKTOK @emiiervine
People Say She 'Won' Over This TikTok Trend Sharing Horrible Nail Failures


People Say She ‘Won’ Over This TikTok Trend Sharing Horrible Nail FailuresCredit: TIKTOK @emiiervine

in seconds viral video With over 3.1 million likes, Emii shared an inspirational photo showing off her nail tech.

A chic and simple manicure was supposed to have two nails of one block color and some swirls of marbled pink and blue.

But what Emii ended up with was less than she had hoped for.

As soon as she got back in her car, social media users snapped photos of her strangely blocky and square manicure.

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Instead of the clean ombre design she wanted, Emii was left with four light blue nails and a strange translucent one that was supposed to be marble.

Unsurprisingly, the video left viewers equally stunned, with people joking that she “won.” tick tock tendency.

One replied, “No, sue them at this point.”

Another added, “Did they go to jail for petty robbery that day?”

“Jail,” wrote a third. “immediate imprisonment”

Meanwhile, a fourth joked, “It’s like when I was a kid and put sellotape on my nails to pretend I had them.”

The first wanted to take the nail tech side, but the fifth replied:

“But they got you wrong!”

Luckily for Emii, things could have gotten much worse – she could end up with a dead finger Just like mom Shauna Leth did.

When her nail broke, she didn’t think much of it – but little did she know what would happen.

Leaving her dead little finger behind, her mother took to TikTok to warn her fellow beauty fans about acrylics and making their own.

According to Shauna (@shawnaleae), things started to go wrong when I applied superglue to my fingers before taking my daughter to Disney World for her birthday.

Shares her story, a mother believed to be based on AmericaIt is believed that this was when the bacteria got in and she got a nasty infection.

I rushed to the hospital and stayed there for several days.

During this period, her little finger, which had once been rocking a glorious red acrylic, now looked like something out of a horror movie – it turned dark purple.

But this was just the beginning, and soon an infection began spreading to her arm, and it was at this point that doctors diagnosed her with cellulitis.

After the intravenous drip, my mother said she was swollen all over and could barely walk.

“Legs, ankles, feet, arms… renal function went from 0.7 to 2.4, so I’m full of water.”

Warning others, the mother said: “Lesson: If you break your nail, put a band-aid on it all the way until you can fix it. It’s a life-or-death situation!!”

Unfortunately for Shauna, things didn’t go well for her. Her little finger was necrotic and dead, and doctors even insisted on cutting it off.

Despite the recommendation, Shona refuses to have the surgery, claiming she is happy she made the decision to accept it.

According to her, the finger appears to be healing – she even said much of the skin has grown back.

listen to her, people Social media Horrified, many people flocked to the comments to show their support.

“I hope your finger will magically heal on its own and you won’t have to cut it!!!” wished one viewer.

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Another claim: “This happened to my toe, but it’s back to normal. Wait a few months.”

“Try to put the finger of the glove on top of the dressing and keep it on! Some of the skin on the finger came off, so that protected it,” advised another.

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