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I just took my dog ​​to the groomer and now he looks like a completely different animal

One woman who took her dog to the groomer said she should now be a completely different animal and roam the savannah.

of tick tock A user known as “epcathletics” Social media Site to share videos with her adorable 58,000 followers cap Before and after haircut.


Adorable Australian Shepherd with a large shaggy coat before trimming
Dog owner thought dog looked like giraffe after 'haircut'


Dog owner thought dog looked like giraffe after ‘haircut’

At the beginning of the short clip, an Australian Shepherd appears on a shaggy, thick-coated leash.

TikToker captioned the footage. not yet I cut my hair and looked like a giraffe. “

Then, sitting quietly in the back of the woman’s car, as he pokes his head over the front seat, he cuts into the dog after cutting off the fur.

The adorable dog looks almost unrecognizable from its previous appearance.

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Finally, the footage ends with the dog returning home and showing off its new look.

The post quickly became popular, garnering over 4,000 likes and nearly 700 likes.

This dog clearly has a lot of fans who have shown their love for dogs.

“Cute baby,” wrote one commenter.

Another said, “Love your dog. It’s so cute!!”

The same person later commented: “That’s my dream dog.”

A third person said, “LOL my Australian Shepherd looks exactly the same.”

It came after another woman posted before-and-after footage of her dog as she goes to her groomer.

User “trixxiecam” jokingly captioned her footage.

She added the hashtag “Ewok”, referring to the fictional animals that live on the moon of the planet Endor in the Star Wars movie Return of the Jedi.

Another woman visited the site last month and then claimed she had been scammed goldendoodle puppy Color changes with growth.

The dog owner shared a photo of her dog with brown fur.

As the clip plays, the color of the fluffy dog ​​gradually brightens.

A dog named Porter begins to acquire patches of white fur as the dark clumps fall off.

Porter eventually turns completely white.

However, many users said that changes in fur for this breed are normal.

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The dog showed off a dramatic new look at the end of the clip


The dog showed off a dramatic new look at the end of the clip

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