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I had a big glow — I lost weight, ‘fixed my face,’ people are going crazy

A 31-year-old woman considers her past self to be ‘simple’ and ‘normal’ compared to her current style.

Lifestyle creators with over 174,000 TikTok followers share their appearance changes, including weight loss and Botox.


TikToker Malibu Toast shared what he looked like in his 20s compared to now, starting with a photo when he was 22Credit: TikTok/malibutoast
Malibu Toast called himself 'simple' and 'normal' in this photo


Malibu Toast called himself ‘simple’ and ‘normal’ in this photoCredit: TikTok/malibutoast

Malibu Toast (@malibutoast) posted video From the age of 22, to show viewers the difference between what she looks like before.

First, the Ohio-born woman revealed a photo of herself when she worked as a Whole Foods checkout girl.

Malibu Toast had acne scars and redness on the lower half of my face. Her bare skin is bare and her hair is parted to the side.

Then I switched to a photo of me in my mid-twenties working as a yoga studio instructor.

Her clothing was as conservative as it was during her Whole Foods days.

She wore a high-necked black dress that drowned out her figure.

“Oh yeah, it’s about giving sister wives,” declared Malibu Toast.

“As most people know, I changed my face. So here I am, 22.”

The photo was in an outdoor setting and magnified her face.

She smiled broadly with her plump cheeks and button nose. “Her nose is snorting and her eyes are staring,” said Malibu Toast.

At 25, Malibu Toast’s face had gotten smarter, but her eyes were still sunken.

“I’m a simple, normal girl from Ohio,” she exclaimed, showing a picture of herself in a white dress with a side ponytail.

“I’m 31 now on a weekday afternoon.”

Malibu Toast sat upright in the car’s front seat. She wore a button-down black blouse and her skin was smooth and shiny.

The proud woman admitted: “The reason I show my brilliance with you is because you can change your life.

“And of course, what you can see is I’ve touched up my face and touched up my fashion.”

However, Malibu Toast stressed that he had done “inside and out work” to be in his 30s.

Awe-inspiring viewers applauded Malibu Toast’s journey of transformation, both mental and physical.

One fan wrote:

A curious fan asked:

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“Just fillers and Botox,” replied Malibu Toast.

One sweet follower said:

She thought she looked like her 'sister wife'


She thought she looked like her ‘sister wife’Credit: TikTok/malibutoast
Now 31, she's lost weight, had Botox, and changed her mindset.


Now 31, she’s lost weight, had Botox, and changed her mindset.Credit: TikTok/malibutoast

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