I called St Peters and Furman, now Auburn is my next upset pick

Auburn forward Jonny Bloom celebrates after the Tigers’ win over Iowa in the first round of the NCAA Tournament
photograph: Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire (APs)

now my undefeated record or picking number. His 13th seed and below in the NCAA Tournament have publicly remained intact since. Fuhrman’s victory over Virginia On Thursday, I decided not to rest on my laurels and tell you about another prediction I made earlier this week.For deadspin fans admit disagreement Video series, this is a selection I already declared on cameraAuburn is the Midwest region’s No. 1 seed in Houston on Saturday. choose a paladin St. Peters, Kentucky There is no doubt what will stand out in the coming year.

The Cougars have looked terrible against one of the worst teams in the NCAA Tournament. Northern Kentucky came out of a weak low major in the Horizon League. Nordic really impressed last night, going tough with one of the best teams in the country. And either Houston overlooked a team they knew they could easily beat, or the upstart Norse truly exposed what a team looks like without Marcus Susser.

When you take the best players away from any great team, that team is no longer that strong. His Purdue without Zach Edey could be Bubbles his team and currently playing for the NIT.alabama white Brandon Millerwhich should now be a reality off court drama If you’re surrounding Crimson Tide, you could have gotten a stronger seed in The Big Dance, but you’re probably more on the 4-5 line. Sasser is a key figure in the Cougars. 6 foot 2 senior guard and Possibly NBA Lottery Picks Apparently due to a groin injury at last week’s American Athletic Conference tournament. He was pulled by Sampson at halftime Houston was inconsistent without him.

Auburn had a true toss-up matchup with Iowa on paper. The Tigers have always outperformed Seeding, but Iowa has not. The Hawkeyes have never had a long run in a tournament under Fran McCaffery, and this year’s Chris Murray-led team was no exception. SEC overwhelmed his Big Ten. There is no way around it. And Auburn could throw in a few more punches at the end of the game if he needed to. Houston and teams with better conditions to play can better take advantage of tended and unmotivated teams.If lack of drive is not a reality for UH, I couldn’t show it to the Nordics. There is also a great chance of redemption against Auburn. But nothing is guaranteed. And the teams coached by Bruce Pearl usually don’t pass up such an opportunity when given.

It’s unclear if Sasser will appear on TBS at 7:10 p.m. on Sweet 16. If he plays, it’s clear he’s not in perfect health, and this is already a downgrade from what was expected of the Cougars for most of this season. A team that has experienced adversity and made it safely to March Madness. It’s a different kind of trap that defines Houston’s adversity. It would be silly to say Cougars haven’t experienced anything. Profit over 11 By the way, more than the Tigers this season. Saturday night from Auburn he is unlikely to reach Birmingham, a distance of 110 miles (110 miles). It may not be AU’s home game, but it should feel that way to the crowd. Houston are stepping into enemy territory and I don’t think they’re strong enough to pull themselves out of a prime time matchup that still has a season to play.

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