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I am a female welder.When it gets dirty, it is said to be “extraordinarily beautiful”

I took a picture of a female welder covered in dirt during harsh working hours.

By the time she quit her job, she followers fell in love with herdespite the dirt.


TikTok user Winter works as a welder repairing railcarsCredit: TikTok/winterrenee
Throughout her work day, Winter has found herself getting dirtier and dirtier


Throughout her work day, Winter has found herself getting dirtier and dirtierCredit: TikTok/winterrenee

A talented merchant named Winter (@winter rain), documenting a full day’s work on her TikTok.

during her work shift rail car repair welder, she recorded video Showed viewers a day in her life.

Winter opened with an invitation. “Watch me get dirtier as the days go by,” she wrote in the caption.

She checked in after the first break at 8am. Her white T-shirt and jeans were covered in dirt, but Winter said she was only “half-dirty.”

When she checked in at 11:30 am, her face and body were caked with more dirt and grime.

Winter’s update was interrupted several times due to passing “disrespectful” trains, but she was able to record a letter about how her day was going.

“I haven’t done much welding today,” she told a follower. “I’m basically painting.”

She was “not so dirty yet”, but made an important discovery during recording.

“My ass is wet,” Winter said as he turned and grabbed the sheet of jeans.

At 2:30 PM, the long winter day is almost over.

“My hair is a mess, I’m a mess,” said Winter.

“I’m covered in f***ing paint,” she complained. Her body was also covered in dirt and dust. “I can’t wait to go to work,” Winter sighed.

The welder was exhausted and dirty, but her viewers thought she was more charming than when she left for work.

“You are a beautiful mess,” wrote one fan.

Another person told Winter, “It still looks the same until the end of the day.”

“I think you look ridiculously beautiful,” confessed the admirer.

Another woman wanted to know Winter’s beauty secret.

“How can you look so pretty with your hair down?” she asked.

A viewer told Winter she looked 'drop dead gorgeous' covered in dirt


A viewer told Winter she looked ‘drop dead gorgeous’ covered in dirtCredit: TikTok/winterrenee

I guess he was looking forward to the winter being cleaned up.

“I know you feel really good after taking a shower,” they wrote.

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Also, one of Winter’s fans said she’s gorgeous no matter how dirty she is.

“Beauty is defined by what’s in your heart, not what you look like,” he told her.

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