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How caring for grandchildren can add £3,000 to your state pension

Millions of grandparents help with childcare each year, and many do so out of goodwill and willingly, but if you know the right forms to fill out, spending time with your grandchildren can help you pay for public pensions. Few people realize that they are paying more for . outside.

A little-known rule allows grandparents caring for children under the age of 12 to receive a National Insurance tax credit equal to 1/35th of the state pension. At current rates, this is about £275 per year.

If someone has provided care every year since tax year 2011/12 and has been claiming for 11 years now, they could add just over £3,000 to their final National Pension total.

Getting the most out of your public pension can make a big difference to your quality of life after retirement, so it’s important to check if you’re eligible to receive this money.

“Public pensions continue to be the largest source of retirement income for most people,” said Alistair McQueen of pension provider Aviva. It is the foundation on which finances are built.

“The amount of public pension we receive is directly linked to our personal National Insurance record. A gap in our record can cost us thousands of pounds later in life.”

How can I find out what will happen to my state pension?

The first step is to check your public pension prospects. This can be done by visiting her government website at:

If there are gaps in the National Insurance record, the forecast looks small. 35 years of experience is required to receive the full amount of the public pension. This pension will be over £10,000 a year in the spring for many.

You can check your National Health Insurance records here. will need your Government Gateway user ID and password to do this.

You can also request a printed National Insurance Statement online. You can also request by mail if you live abroad or by phone. Here’s the government’s guide to calling the helpline:

You can also write to HM Revenue and Customs to request an invoice at this address.

National Insurance and Employer’s Office

HM Revenue and Customs


If you are a grandparent or other eligible family member who is 16 years of age or older and has not reached public pension age, you may be able to claim NI Credits for child care. In addition, if you were receiving a job seeker’s allowance, if you were receiving an injury and sickness allowance, if you were receiving a statutory maternity allowance or paternity allowance, etc.

All eligibility criteria for NI Credits can be found here:

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