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Holly Davidson interview: ‘I want to referee the men’s World Cup final’

More than 42,000 people in the stadium watched her, and millions more watched her on television. Davidson coolly identifies challenge as red card offense.

Thompson is half-hearted, England lost the World Cup final for the second year in a row. to New Zealand. “The assistant referee, Aurélie Groyslow, was trying to say something to me, but her audience was too noisy to hear what she was saying,” recalls Davidson. “As a referee, I don’t want to send anyone off, and I don’t care in the final. But when it came up on screen, I felt it cut very clearly as a red card.”

With both teams’ emotions running high, she instinctively knew not to approach Thompson after the game. “I might be able to catch up with Lydia in the future, but I don’t think it was the best environment right after the game.”

. Wayne Burns received violent threats against his family After taking charge of France vs. South Africa. Davidson doesn’t have violence on that scale, but he’s conscientious about setting boundaries on social media.

“I think some people think the women’s game is a better environment, but I think the fans are exactly the same,” says Davidson, who doesn’t have a Twitter account. I’ve been away or I’ll keep it private after the big game yeah you get a lot of abusive comments there will always be criticism of your performance but that’s to be expected but it When you become abusive and personally abusive to friends and family, that’s when you need the light to say ‘enough is enough’.”

Davidson hopes Barnes’ refereeing of last December’s Premier15 opening match will help create a more mixed approach to refereeing men’s and women’s matches. “Maybe a male referee’s desire is to compete in the Women’s World Cup. I don’t think men should stop entering that space as long as women are given the opportunity,” she said. “From a group context and group dynamics standpoint, I think it’s good to have mixed genders, but it doesn’t detract from the growth of the women’s space.”

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