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Harvey 2 Old Trafford: 7-year-old boy goes on 40-mile walk for cousin with cancer

“Kind-hearted” 7-year-old manchester United fans walk in from children’s hospital liverpool His cousin, who has cancer, lives at Old Trafford Stadium, raising awareness of his ‘great’ work.

Harvey Goodman’s 7-year-old cousin Zack was diagnosed last June with advanced cancer that his family didn’t want to reveal.

“Since then, he has lost all his hair and has undergone aggressive chemotherapy, radiotherapy, Alder Hay I’ve been taking care of him the whole time,” Niomi, Harvey’s mother of 29, who works as a sales director, told PA News Agency.

“Herbie’s idea for the walk was inspired by hearing how great Alder Hay was. Whenever Zach needed something, the staff was there.

“And he approached us and said he wanted to do something for Zach.”

Harvey will attempt a 40-mile (40-mile) walk, departing from Alder Hay Children’s Hospital in Liverpool’s West Derby on April 1 and at Manchester United’s famous stadium on April 2. Finish at Old Trafford.

He told PA that at first he wanted to walk from Wembley to Old Trafford, but it was “too long”.

“So instead, Zach was there and Zach was really happy that I was doing this walk for him, so I decided to walk from Alder Hay instead.”

Manchester United Fan Harvey will wear a top and coat emblazoned with the club’s logo with the words “Harvey 2 Old Trafford” on it, and he hopes it will inspire support for the cause.

“My friends, my family, my teachers, my aunt, my uncle and Manchester United legend Sammy McLroy will be with me for a walk,” Harvey added.

Young people have practiced for the challenge by going for walks and pursuing numerous sports.

“I practice walking, I run, I kickbox three times a week, I play soccer twice a week, I ride my bike,” he said.

When asked what he was most looking forward to when the challenge started, Harvey said: ‘Going to Old Trafford.

“All my friends and family will support me. It will make me very happy.”

Initially, the family in Manchester set a target of £5,000, but have doubled and surpassed it in a few months.

“We think that’s a very high number, and if we can get close to that, it’s really a big success,” Goodman said.

“And the fact that it surpassed it is amazing.”

Harvey’s father – Matt Goodman, 42, who works as a business development manager, added that reaching £20,000 is “really good”.

One of Harvey’s favorite comments on the JustGiving page, from an anonymous account, read: You inspire us all,” and ended up being less anonymous.

“It was from an anonymous account so it was really funny, but my mom said it was actually my grandmother.”

Mrs Goodman added:

She also pointed out a particular comment that moved her.

“We had a comment from someone we didn’t know who saw the fundraiser, who said his daughter had heart surgery there, wished Harvey luck, and called him an absolute legend.” is.

Goodman added, “Alder Hay is a great children’s hospital, so I’m glad so many people have donated, including many United fans.”

In February, Harvey visited the hospital to tour the grounds and see how his money can make a difference.

Mrs Goodman said, “Herbie could actually see inside the heart with the virtual reality machine.

“He knew very well what they were doing and how great they were.”

Alder Hey said, “Every step in Harvey’s epic journey, and every penny donated, will help sprinkle Alder Hey with a little bit of magic, and we look forward to joining him in his challenge.” said.

Harvey’s parents said they were “extremely proud” of their son.

Mrs Goodman said, “He’s very kind and always comes first if there’s anything he can do to help.”

Harvey’s desire to help other children extends to making other children believe they can achieve something, and he wants to challenge the fundraiser by saying “It’s okay, you can do it”. I’m telling young readers who are thinking about it.

Harvey previously walked over 16 miles from his school, Stockton Heath Primary School, to Old Trafford to raise almost £8,500 for the school’s playground and met former Manchester United manager Sir. Alex Ferguson.

Mrs Goodman said Harvey’s school provided “amazing” support for the fundraiser, adding principal Dan Harding: Absolutely crush it. ”

Pascale Harvie, President and General Manager of JustGiving, said:

“When I was just seven years old, I had the idea and took on the great challenge of raising significant funds to help my cousins ​​and many other children undergoing treatment at Alder Hay Children’s Hospital.”

See Harvey’s fundraiser here:

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