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Harry and Meghan didn’t warn Palace about title move as rift deepened

Meghan Markle and prince harry recently revealed that their two children, Archie and Lilibet, will officially use the titles of Prince and Princess. The decision was reportedly not brought up to the palace in advance, and the first assistant was called when the couple issued a statement that their daughter, “Princess Lilibet Diana,” had been baptized in the United States. An officer was listening to the news.

Discussing royal titles in the latest episode of True Loyalty TV’s Royal Beat, historian Dr. Tessa Dunlop said:

Daily Mail royal editor Russell Myers, who also appeared on Royal Beat, added:

“They may claim it was all agreed months ago and discussed long ago, but they thought the Sussexes would have argued with them when they issued the statement. think.”

He added:

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Discussing reports that the Sussex children had not received invitations to the coronation, Dr. Dunlop revealed that he believed Archie should be there.

She said: “I find it strange that Archie wasn’t invited.

“Coronation Day is his fourth birthday,” before pointing out that Charles was the same age as Archie when the late Queen ascended to the throne in 1953.

She added that Archie was “definitely too young to attend the coronation ceremony.”

Speaking of the Duchess of Sussex, Dr Dunlop added that if Meghan wants to attend, “we’ll have to invite her son.”

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The Duke and Duchess revealed through a statement earlier this month that the King had sent them an invitation to the coronation.

The statement read: “The Duke can confirm that he recently received an email correspondence from His Majesty’s office regarding the coronation.”

The couple received an invitation, but attendance remains unknown.

A statement said an “immediate decision” on whether to attend Westminster Abbey on May 6 would not be “disclosed.”

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