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Hacks to save money – from throwing away the phone to drinking a vodka for the flowers

Read on for smart ways to save cash (Photo: Alamy)

Spring is drawing near, but that doesn’t mean it’s coming. Cost of living Turn off the heat and the crisis will magically disappear.

Many of us are still looking for ways to tighten our purse strings. hack Save money at home or on the go.

Think of cheap hacks to keep you Flowers How to secure the best deals on health, or travel tickets.

Plus, it’s a nifty trick to save up to £100 on a pair of Doc Martens if the shoes fit.

stop the drops

During the painting process, paint always seems to accumulate in the groove of the lid of the can.

This often causes paint to run down the side of the can, which can lead to waste.

To fix this problem, poke a few holes with a nail in the lid groove. This will drain the paint into the can.

These holes have absolutely no effect on resealing the can, as the lid seals against the sides of the groove, not the bottom.

Hanging closet organizers aren’t just for clothes (Photo: Alamy)

Get tips for saving games

If you don’t have extra shelves to store your family’s board games, there’s a cheap, no-tools way to make your own.

The Hanging Closet Organizer makes it easy to add shelves to any closet and keep your board games stacked in one place and off the floor. Get it at the IKEA or Pound store, or repurpose anything you might have lying around the house.

Avoid Calls, Earn Discounts

An LSE study found that students who didn’t use smartphones at school improved their test scores by 6.4%.

Earn rewards for ignoring calls with our free hold app. Plus, get discounts on movie tickets, free popcorn and coffee, Amazon vouchers, and other perks.

UK university students using the Hold app earn points for every 20 minutes of mobile inactivity between 7am and 11pm, 7 days a week. Available for Android and iOS.

double the dishwasher tablet

Dishwasher tablets aren’t cheap, so cut them in half to make them last longer.

Make sure everything is rinsed well before putting it in the dishwasher.

Save big if you don’t mind an early flight (Photo: Alamy)

early risers get worms

Keep in mind that early morning and late night fares are generally more affordable than regular wake-up hours fares.

If you’re happy to drag yourself and your family out in the middle of the night to catch a 4am flight, you could be paying significantly less.

When it comes to ferry crossings, you can save a lot of money at the right time.

On popular and congested routes like those across the Channel, night flights are very competitive, and flights on weekdays, especially weekdays, are cheaper than on weekends. Plus, choosing to travel from a different port can make your trip cheaper, so consider all your options.

Vodka for flowers? Who knew (Photo: Getty)

blooming marvel

Keep your buds beautiful with a few tricks.

Vodka inhibits bacterial growth, so adding a few drops to the water in your vase will keep your cut flowers clean.

A teaspoon of sugar works just as well as a penny. Copper acts as an acidifier and inhibits bacteria.

A copper coin in the bottom of the vase will help the tulips stand upright rather than drooping around the vase.

Roses and hydrangeas will last longer if you cut the stems at an angle, pour boiling water over the fresh cuts, and place them in a vase.

Close the auction on Sunday for the best eBay price (Photo: Alamy)

right time

If you want to make some extra cash on, the best day of the week to close the auction is Sunday. Since most people are at home, this is the time when your website gets the most traffic. The higher the number of browsers, the higher the potential bidders.

An easy way to do this is to make sure you submit your 7-day listing on Sunday night, or use the scheduling tool when listing your item.

Try This Great Offer To Get Discounted Ready Meals – Perfect For Busy New Moms (Photo: Alamy)

new parent’s best friend

Did you know that new parents and prospective parents are eligible for 10% off for 6 full months at Cook? That means you can get discounted frozen ready-to-eat meals To do. It will be delivered to your door. Perfect for when you’re heading home after a new arrival.

Check out the kids shoe store

Many big brands like Nike, Converse, Adidas and Dr Martens create kid-friendly versions of their most popular styles.

There is no VAT on children’s clothing and shoes, so you can save a lot if your size is 5 or less. Savings are not to be ridiculed, according to a pair of Dr Martens 1460 Youth White Boots for £69 in Schuh’s children’s section and going up to size 5. A size 5 retails for £169. So you have the potential to save £100.

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