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Government ‘forced’ to deport migrants to Rwanda, cabinet minister says

Governments are ‘forced’ to deport migrants Rwandasaid the Prime Minister.

Oliver Dowdenthe Principality of Lancaster said he hoped ministers would “intervene” in a controversial policy that the government hopes will go ahead by the summer.

Plans to forcibly move migrants to Rwanda are now being substantiated by the courts.

Some asylum seekers were told Tuesday they could appeal the Home Office’s decision to relocate them.

Speaking on Sky’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday programme, Dowden said, “We are confident that our policy is legal.”

“We will quickly defeat Rwandan policy and use it as a tool in our arsenal,” he said.

“I don’t enjoy this and I really wish we didn’t have to do it and the government isn’t doing this. are doing.”

He added: “We are forced to do so.

“Unless we, as a government and as a country, take tough action in this regard, the numbers will continue to rise, putting the lives of more people, including those of young children, at risk. ”

So far, no migrants have emigrated to Rwanda after the agreement was signed by the Minister of Home Affairs last April. Suela BravermanPredecessor of Pretty Patel.

Braverman expands pact with Rwanda to include everyone entering the UK illegally, not just asylum seekers.

The additions to the agreement will allow illegal immigrants to be detained and expeditiously removed under the Illegal Migration Bill (IMB) regardless of the claims they bring, including asylum, human rights, modern slavery or nothing. It will be implemented to ensure that

Speaking in Rwanda’s capital Kigali, Braverman said the IMB’s status quo “doesn’t take us away from the ECHR[European Convention on Human Rights]”, but “ultimately, there is nothing to argue”. ” he added.

She said there was “a serious problem with the balance that is currently being struck” with the Strasbourg court.

The IMB plans to expedite the removal of immigrants within 28 days, and when asked if those opposed to immigration would return to the UK, Mr Braverman said: false claims. ”

“There will be pretty limited opportunities to try it,” she added.

The visit came when 209 people were confirmed to have crossed the channel in a small boat on Friday, after five days of no reported crossings.

“I think Rwanda is clearly ready. “We are making sure that there is real progress being made in real, tangible form.”

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