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Girl Guide gives ‘comprehensive’ makeover to attract younger generation

The Girl Guide got a “woke” makeover to make it more “modern and relevant”. Girlguiding’s senior organizers have published a ‘comprehensive’ language guide that calls for ditching words like mother and father.

Leaders are encouraged to use “parents and caregivers” when referring to this group in general. Also, if you’re not sure which pronoun a member likes to use, it’s a good idea to refer to girls as “them” instead of “she”.

The charity, which began in 1910, describes itself as “girls only” but also hopes to “welcome transgender girls and nonbinary youth.”

The update was revealed in a 60-page document sent to Guides and Brownie leaders this month. Girlguiding says it has renewed its “brand purpose” and “tone of voice” to attract younger generations.

But former Education Minister Andrea Jenkins said last night, “Girl Guides have been at the heart of our nation for more than a century, inspiring millions of young women to become proud, active and hands-on members of society.” I have taught the skills needed to

What this ‘woke up’ rebranding tells us is that the guide got lost. ”

This document describes how to use language related to disability, age, and race. It states: “Everyone is different and has their own language preferences.

It’s always best to ask or hear how the person describes themselves and use that language as much as you can.

“Be specific when you talk about people and communities. Name ethnic groups instead of using broad terms like Bame.

“Keep in mind that not all families have mothers and fathers. Use ‘parents and caregivers’ when referring to this group.” If you are writing about someone’s sexual orientation, use the terms they use. If you need to be more inclusive, LGBTQ+.”

The Tone of Voice Guide says:

“We know the word ‘girl’ may not cover these young people. Where possible, we will adjust the language to be gender neutral.”

Former Security Minister John Hayes, who chairs the Common Sense Group of MPs, will write to chief guide Tracy Foster.

He believes “our beloved late Queen”, a former patron of the organization, would have been “horrified”. He said it was not clear whether it was done.

Girlguiding’s statement said:

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