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Gary Lineker Announces First Match of the Day Since BBC Row – Live

Gary Lineker returns to Match of the Day, BBC apologizes

Gary Lineker to go back to his beginning today’s game since the fight with him BBC Boss for his accusations against government policy and rhetoric asylum seeker.

Much of the BBC’s football coverage effectively collapsed last weekend as fellow presenters, pundits and commentators withdrew their work in solidarity with the returning former England player on Monday.

Lineker is today’s game However, Saturday night’s highlight program was always scheduled to front the BBC instead match of the day live FA Cup coverage of the semi-final match between Manchester City and Burnley.

In the wake of increased scrutiny of BBC executives, the National Union of Journalists has warned against trusting the station’s chief executives. Tim Davey ‘At an all-time low’ – as journalists went on strike over proposed cuts to local radio.

It follows outrage within the Conservative Party. BBCThe company apologized and ordered an independent review of its social media guidelines.


‘Completely out of proportion’: Gary Lineker’s first TV appearance since BBC’s suspension

Football host Gary Lineker has slammed the controversy surrounding his suspension from the BBC for tweets that were “totally disproportionate”.

Jane DaltonMarch 17, 2023 19:34


What can we expect from the BBC social media review after the Lineker ruckus?

BBC Executive Director Tim Davey has since recognized the “potential confusion caused by gray areas” in the guidelines following the recent impartiality controversy over Gary Lineker’s tweets, so the social media guidelines announced a revision of

Ahead of our recently published review, let’s take a look at what we know so far and how the review will play out based on the 2020 update.

Andy GregoryMarch 17, 2023 15:15


WATCH: Keir Sturmer Tells Rishi Snak ‘Let’s Stand Up To Rep. Snowflake’ Over Gary Lineker BBC Line

Full Exchange: Kia Sturmer Tells Rishi Snack To ‘Stand Up With Snowflake MP’ On The Line Of Gary Lineker BBC

Andy GregoryMarch 17, 2023 12:44


Ian Wright says ‘heads have to roll’ after BBC management creates ‘hot mess’ over Gary Lineker line

Ian Wright said “heads must be spinning” after the BBC’s manager caused “pandemonium” over the weekend by calling for Gary Lineker to step down. today’s game.

At the beginning of the podcast Wrighty’s House, the 59-year-old said the fight was “the perfect distraction from what really matters.”

He added: “For me they have created a terrible mess. I am telling you, this is all from above, I am my husband (BBC TV Sports Responsibility) ) Philip Barney, you can’t blame the BBC Sports team. This all ends with a tweet.”

Charlotte McLaughlin I have a full report:

Andy GregoryMarch 17, 2023 11:54


Gary Lineker confronts Snowflake MP after queuing, Sturmer tells Sunak

Following Gary Lineker’s allegations, Rishi Sunak said, “We must stand up to Congressman Snowflake, who is waging a war over free speech.”

The Labor leader has sought assurances that Conservative MPs and others associated with the party did not lobby the BBC to ‘effectively cancel’ last weekend’s Match of the Day. .

Richard WheelerMarch 17, 2023 10:47


‘Match of the Day’ theme drowns out BBC interview outside Houses of Parliament after Gary Lineker quarrels

of today’s game The theme song interrupted a BBC News interview outside Parliament earlier this week.

When Conservative MP Harriet Baldwin spoke about the budget, she was drowned out by the iconic music of the famous football highlights programme.

Bombings around Westminster follow controversy over host Gary Lineker with the BBC, who was told to resign from last weekend’s Match of the Day after tweeting criticism of the government’s asylum policy. I got

my colleague Oliver Browning Here are the details:

BBC live interview drowned out by ‘Match of the Day’ theme after Gary Lineker controversy

During an interview with BBC News outside the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday (15 March), the ‘Match of the Day’ theme was interrupted. When Conservative MP Harriet Baldwin spoke about the budget, she was drowned out by iconic music from her famous football highlights her programme. Bombings around Westminster follow controversy over host Gary Lineker with the BBC, who was told to resign from last weekend’s Match of the Day after tweeting criticism of the government’s asylum policy. Click here to sign up for our newsletter.

Andy GregoryMarch 17, 2023 09:54


Trade union claims trust in BBC director is ‘lowest ever’

Confidence in BBC secretary-general Tim Davey has reached “an all-time low” after the suspension and reinstatement of host Gary Lineker, an official with the Union of Journalists said.

The BBC’s program went on strike earlier this week, with around 1,000 journalists expected to attend.

Former Labor Prime Minister John McDonnell, who stood in a picket line outside the Broadcasting House on Wednesday, said BBC journalists were “forced to go on strike” by the proposed cuts to local radio.

Andy GregoryMar 17, 2023 09:12


The next BBC chairman should not be a ‘political appointment’, ex-head of news says

Roger Mosey, former head of BBC Television News and sporting director, said the BBC’s next chairman should not be a “political appointment”, saying Rishi Sunak said making the appointment apolitical would not be “political.” It will be a great act as a family,” he said. .

BBC Chairman Richard Sharp is the subject of an ongoing review after it emerged he helped former Prime Minister Boris Johnson secure a £800,000 loan facility.

Mr Mosey said on Roger Bolton’s podcast “Beeve Watch” that it would be “a great benefit” to have a future chairman “someone who is not seen as being in the pocket of either party”. Said it would be

Questions about Mr Sharpe’s position as BBC chairman came after a recent equity controversy over a tweet sent by Gary Lineker comparing the government’s language on asylum to that of Germany in the 1930s. It is rising.

Andy GregoryMar 17, 2023 09:04


Gary Lineker had a ‘special arrangement’ with the BBC to tweet about refugees, agent says

Gary Lineker believed he had a “special arrangement” with the BBC that allowed him to comment on the refugee and small boat crisis, his agent claims.

John Holmes, who represented the soccer host, explained that despite efforts to keep “everyone calm”, the line had fallen into “chaos”.

He claimed that he believed his client understood that he could make a public statement on a particular issue with the BBC’s Executive Director, Tim Davey.

my colleague Thomas Kingsley I have a full report:

Andy GregoryMar 17, 2023 09:01


Gary Lineker criticizes Conservative MP for ‘outrageous’ Nazi allegation comments

Gary Lineker falsely suggested that the BBC presenter called the so-called ‘red wall’ voters in the North and Midlands ‘Nazis’ and ‘racists’ and was our political correspondent I objected to party members. Adam Forrest report.

Stoke-on-Trent North MP Jonathan Garris said Rishi Snak’s planned crackdown on small boats “upset all the right people in the right places”.

Twitter user Simon Harris responded to the interview clip by saying, “I don’t think Gary Lineker actually called a red wall voter directly ‘Nazi’ Mr. Garris.

Lineker then responded in a tweet, saying: This is outrageous and dangerously provocative. ”

Andy GregoryMar 17, 2023 09:00

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