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Gary Glitter’s 15,000-pound knee on the NHS

Disgraced pop star Gary Glitter reportedly underwent £15,000 knee surgery at an NHS hospital — even though many patients had to wait months for surgery.

The convicted pedophile — who was booked under his real name Paul Gadd — was allegedly given his own side cell and 24-hour guard by prison guards for the duration of his five-night stay. increase.

According to Sunday’s newspaper, staff were told not to mention his crimes, but were told not to remove his name tag and divulge personal information.

But there are claims that the 78-year-old Glitter, who made headlines, was “too friendly” and surprised staff with stories about his sleazy lifestyle in Thailand and Cambodia.

He even “shed a light” on a female nurse, making her feel bad.

The knee surgery is said to have taken place last November at Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester, where Glitter was an inmate at nearby prison, HMP the Verne.

One patient who denounced the move was Rob Martinez, a former insurance consultant who had to wait months for surgery.

Rob, 66, an arthritic patient from Sandhurst, Berks, was recommended surgery on both knees in October 2016, but waited a year for surgery on his right knee, then another six months for surgery on his left knee. I waited.

He said that Glitter’s treatment seemed “totally unfair”, adding, “How the hell did he let it hang? It’s terrible that he was allowed to slip through the net and straight in.

Former Metropolitan Police Detective Mike Haymes, who set up the police’s Pedophile Unit, said: .”

Conservative MP Chris Lauder, whose West Dorset constituency includes the hospital, said: “Hopefully Glitter will be nowhere in West Dorset, let alone the local hospital.

“Routine surgery should not be done before locals who have been waiting for treatment for a long time.”

Serial abuser Glitter was first jailed in 1999 after 4,000 child abuse images were found.

In 2015, he was convicted and imprisoned for the historic sexual assaults of two girls aged 12 and 13.

He was released in the middle of his 16-year sentence last month, but was recalled to jail this week for violating the terms of his licence.

Dorset County Hospital said it was the NHS hospital’s health care provider for the local jail and his care was being treated “in accordance with our normal procedures for prisoners in need of care”.

The Justice Ministry said it does not comment on individual cases.

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