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France and Sanders’ traitorous send-off was even more ridiculous (and star-studded) than we had hoped for

Dawn French and jennifer sanders Many famous faces joined as they sent traitor in a special sketch comic relief.

was announced in advance A comedy duo appears together Mary Berry and Traitor’s Host Claudia Winkleman in a skit as part of Friday’s Red Nose Day telethon.

But there was an even greater surprise for viewers when a pile of other names was seen sitting around the castle table trying to find the traitor.

(LR) Claudia Winkleman, Claudia Winkleman, Claudia Winkleman, Claudia Winkleman (OK, Mary Berry, Claudia Winkleman, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders)

Maddie and Wilf from Traitors Series 1 also make an appearance, with Maddie making many references to an EastEnders cameo appearance during her first time at the castle as she sat across from Danny, the soap’s former pub landlord. I made a joke of what I did.

Maddie and Wilf (right) also joined French and Sanders for the sketch
Maddie and Wilf (right) also joined French and Sanders for the sketch

Dawn took on the role of Claudia rather convincingly, wearing a fake tan, eyeliner and a wig with pull-back fringes.

Throughout the sketches, her roll-neck jumper was getting bigger and bigger, and she wore different types of gloves. Claudia’s viral fashion moment from recent shows Confirmed to return for a second series later this year.

But when the traitor’s identity was revealed, the celebrity shocked the store… Check out the full sketch in the video above.

Elsewhere on the Comic Relief telethon, Kylie Minogue Appeared in a special edition of the BBC sitcom Ghosts.

Celebrities such as Jamie Dornan, David Walliams, Miranda Hart and Fuller East auditioned for Graham Norton, Lulu and Sam Ryder as part of an unreleased audition clip sketch for Eurovision.

Dermot O’Leary joins the cast of Stars Let’s Flatts to produce a charity single reuniting with some of The X Factor’s most famous contestants including Honey G, Ben Henault, Stevie Ritchie and Andy Abraham I made a sketch.

Newscasters such as Clive Miley, Kay Burley, Hugh Edwards, Naga Manchetti, Susannah Reed, Piers Morgan and Richard Madeley are also featured in the sketches, with Britain’s most serious people telling jokes. I saw.

People Just Do Nothing comedian Asim Chowdhury also reprized his role as Chabadi G, appearing in the Love Island skit where he played a bombshell contestant who enters a famous villa.

At the end of the live broadcast, Comic Relief organizers announced that the show had raised £31,952,141 to date.

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