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Found an ‘incredibly rare’ coin – now selling for big bucks

A COIN collector whips out an incredibly rare coin designed for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee for £50,000.

coins sold at Ebayis described as “new” and was made as a tribute to His Majesty’s 70 years of service.


The coin is listed on eBay and has sold for a whopping £50,000.

Late queen Having passed away last September at the age of 96, she celebrated her platinum jubilee in June 2022.

To celebrate the occasion, Hattons of London has created only 5,999 coins as part of their collector’s items.

This coin was crafted using platinum gold, a unique alloy of 22 carat gold, and 2 carat platinum. platinum jubilee.

Eight months after the Jubilee, one of the coins, originally purchased for £78.99, went on sale on eBay for as high as £50,000.

Found a Rare Coin in the Garden - Now Selling for Hundreds of Dollars
I found 600 rare gold coins in a field - I will now earn £150,000

One side of the coin features the Queen’s profile and the other side depicts the goddess Artemis.

While one side features the traditional Latin found on all coins, Hattons of London pays tribute to the Queen’s ‘unwavering leadership’ on the other side.

The designer also included the year 2022, the year the coin was made.

The coin seller’s description reads:

“Commemorating an event of this magnitude requires a sovereign gold coin that ‘stands the test of time.

“Even setting aside the importance of the event they celebrate, this is one of the most important eighth sovereign coins ever issued. ”

This coin is the world’s first 1/8 Sovereign coin minted in “Platinum Gold”. Platinum used to commemorate his jubilee.

There are many other rare coins for sale online. A rare Blue Peter 50p sold on eBay for a whopping £235.

The Royal Mint, the official coin maker of British coins, often limited coin You can get many times the value of face value.

Meanwhile, a coin collector Flogging of the 50 pence Brexit coin For a spectacular £15,000.

of Ebay Sacrifice – The coined word “extremely rare” – Billed as “good condition”.

Additionally, The Sun Top 10 Rare Coins You May Have For your coins that sell a lot Ebay.

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