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Former NATO chief warns Putin is becoming more ‘nervous’

former NATO Secretary General George Robertson has urged Western leaders to prepare for escalation. Vladimir Putin if he tears Russia Apart from the president’s “nervous” propaganda. He said Putin had become increasingly preoccupied with his delusional ideas about Russian history.

Sir Robertson said Deutsche Welle: “I think we should be very concerned about the potential for incidents that could lead to escalation. We need to know more, but I think it’s being handled reasonably and calmly at this point.

“Invasion of Ukraine It was one of the biggest provocations we’ve seen in the last 30 years, so we can expect many more in the future and we should be prepared to face them.

“We believed we would be partners in many of the difficulties we faced when Putin took office. RussiaAs a result, many risks were widespread. Vladimir Putin We shared a common perspective on security at the time. “

The former NATO secretary said Putin “gradually changed his perspective over time, becoming more neurotic, demanding and preoccupied with thoughts about Russian history.”

he added:Vladimir Putin Gorbachev appears to claim he was duped in NATO expansion.he seems to claim [former President Boris] Yeltsin was tricked into signing the Budapest memorandum and the Helsinki agreement. “

He claimed Putin’s propaganda was based on “complete dishonesty”.

“I know that in May 2002, Vladimir Putin He himself, along with me and 19 other signatories, signed the Rome Declaration, which protects the territorial integrity of all nations.especially that day he guaranteed territorial integrity UkraineRussian propaganda is therefore based on lies. “

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Lord Robertson’s claim comes after the International Criminal Court said Friday it had issued an arrest warrant against the Russian president for war crimes, accusing him of personal responsibility for the kidnapping of a child from Russia. Ukraine.

It is the first time an international court has issued a warrant against the leader of one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council.

In a statement, the ICC said Putin was “held responsible for the war crime of illegal deportation (of children) and the war crime of illegal deportation of (children) from occupied territories.” Stated. Ukraine to the Russian Federation. “

The move was quickly dismissed by Moscow and welcomed by Russia. Ukraine as a big breakthrough.

However, since Moscow does not recognize the jurisdiction of the courts and does not extradite its own citizens, the chances of Putin being tried before the ICC are very low, so its practical impact will be limited. There is a possibility.

But moral denunciations are likely to mar the Russian leader for the rest of his life, and in the nearer future whenever he tries to attend an international summit in a country that is destined to arrest him.

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