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‘First shots fired’ in trade war between EU and UK as MEPs sign new law

Said to have ‘fired first’ in trade war with London Brussels almost brexit Under the terms, MEPs agreed to impose restrictions on Britain if it failed to comply with its obligations. Irish MP Sean Kelly, who announced the new legislation on Wednesday, tweeted:brexit trade agreements. I hope that this is a mechanism that we will never have to use, as relations between the EU and the UK are in a better place.”

reaction to blows, ex brexit The party’s MEP Martin Daubney said: “The first shots of the EU-Britain trade war have been fired as Irish MEPs join Brussels and threaten sanctions/tariffs against the UK.

“The EU has always wanted to punish us for leaving, to set an example for other member states, and these Irish politicians are their accomplices.”

This is just like MPs getting their first chance to vote on Rishi Sunak’s new deal with the EU.brexit A trade deal in Northern Ireland next week.

Commons leader Penny Mordaunt said the House will be asked Wednesday to approve regulations to implement the so-called Stormont brake element of the Windsor framework.

Downing Street said the measure, which could give Britain a veto over imposing new EU rules in Northern Ireland, was the “most important part” of the deal.

An official spokesperson for the prime minister said: “We believe this meets the prime minister’s promise to vote on new arrangements that focus on issues at the heart of the framework.”

A statutory instrument (SI) to implement the braking mechanism is expected to pass without incident as Labor has made it clear that it will back the deal in parliament.

But that won’t necessarily lead to the return of Stormont’s power-sharing cadres, who have been suspended since the DUP, the largest union party in parliament, stepped down in protest over the way the Northern Ireland Protocol was operated.

DUP leader Sir Geoffrey Donaldson has acknowledged that the framework is an improvement over the protocol, but Boris Johnson’s brexit Withdrawal agreement with the EU – he said “fundamental problems” remain.

Snack could also face a backbench insurgency by Tory hardliners of the European Research Group (ERG), who are studying the details of the framework, before deciding whether to endorse it.

Downing Street claims that it solves a major problem with the protocol, allowing the free flow of goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland without the need for regular customs inspections, unless destined for the Republic.

A brake mechanism would allow a small percentage of Stormont MLA to formally express concerns about the implementation of new EU legislation in Northern Ireland, potentially leading to a UK government veto.

A spokesperson for the prime minister said the SI, which will be issued on Monday, will not be amended by the MP, but the government is open to discussing the DUP and other questions.

“There are elements that I would like to discuss extensively with the DUP about how the framework is enacted, especially Stormont brakes and how it works in practice.

“Like any political party, they will be an important part of it.”

A spokesperson confirmed that there are other SIs required to implement other parts of the Framework, and that Congressional support is also required.

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