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Fernando Alonso’s podium is back after Aston Martin’s appeal at the Saudi Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonsothe podium of Saudi Grand Prix later restored aston martin We appealed on Sunday night and won.

Alonso had initially scored two consecutive podiums for Aston after coming back in 3rd, but was handed a 10-second time penalty for failing to properly serve his 5-second penalty in the pits and dropped to 4th. I was demoted.

However, Aston appealed shortly after the race due to the technicality of the rulebook, and as the clock struck 1am in Jeddah, Alonso’s third-place finish was restored, followed by his 100th podium in Formula 1.

Fernando Alonso’s podium returns in Jeddah

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The two-time world champion tweeted minutes before his return was officially announced: “100th Podium! Great team and fast cars we have!i am proud of you aston martin

The Spaniard who led the race in overtaking Sergio Perez Before entering Turn 1, he had to be given a five-second time penalty for not being in the correct grid spot at the start of the Grand Prix.

And lost first place Final race winner PerezAlonso was penalized for his first pit stop, but on review, he raised the rear jack too early, which caused work on the car to start milliseconds early.

However, team principal Mike Clack referred to “ambiguity” in the regulations regarding what constitutes “work” on the car, and on that basis the stewards decided to withdraw the 10 second penalty and Alonso He returned to 3rd place.

George Russell Recessed to 4th place.

Alonso said after the race he was ‘not too concerned’ about penalties. How long to blame the FIA It took them to make a decision.

“It doesn’t hurt too much,” Alonso said. “Today it was the FIA ​​that failed.

“You can’t take a penalty 35 laps after the pit stop. They had enough time to inform me about the penalty – if I knew I could have pushed for 11 seconds, so good for the fans. do not have.

“Nobody told me about those five seconds. It was completely uninformed and uninvestigated. I’m not sure about the second penalty. I care, but I don’t care so much. “We celebrated, but we are three points short.”

Alonso, a two-time world champion, was very happy with his car after finishing on the podium in the first race in Bahrain as well.

“Definitely we were stronger here than in Bahrain. I don’t want to be too optimistic, but we are doing well,” he said.

Alonso will next compete in the Australian Grand Prix (31 March – 2 April) in two weeks’ time at Albert Park in Melbourne.

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