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F1 LIVE: Saudi Grand Prix Qualifying Lap Times & Updates

Can Mercedes challenge Red Bull in the new F1 season? || You ask the question

Max Verstappen Aiming for another dominant weekend as F1 Paddock rolls into Jeddah Saudi Grand Prix.

of red bull The driver gave the world champion a comfortable one-two. First game of the season in BahrainSergio Pérez in second place.

Fernando Alonso finished third in his surprise package Aston Martin, while the Mercedes duo Lewis Hamilton George Russell finished fifth and seventh respectively.

Charles Leclerc – was involved in Thrilling battle with Verstappen in Saudi Arabia Last year he was forced to retire in Bahrain, with Ferrari team-mate Carlos Sainz coming home in fourth place. This year’s race is his third Grand Prix at the Lightning He Quick Street circuit in Jeddah. Verstappen was fastest in both practice sessions yesterday and in his FP3 on Saturday. Breaking up with his longtime performance coach.

Follow the Saudi Grand Prix qualifying on The Independent – the session starts at 5pm.


F1 LIVE: Transportation paradise!

Expect lots of traffic issues in Qualifying, especially in Q1.

Kieran JacksonMarch 18, 2023 16:50


F1 LIVE: F1 accused of ‘enabling violence and bloodshed’ at race in Saudi Arabia

formula 1 After the execution of a man’s brother, he is again under heavy scrutiny for hosting a race in a country with a poor human rights record. Saudi Arabia Last year, he argued that sports silence “allows for violence and bloodshed.”

Two weeks after hosting the opener of the 2023 season in Bahrain, F1 has Jeddah in order to Saudi Grand Prix – Countries with 13 executions in the last two weeks.

last year, 81 people were executed in one day Just before the Grand Prix, 41 members of the Shia minority joined a protest calling for greater political participation, according to the United Nations.

One of those men is Mustafa al-Kjayyat, whose brother Yasser al-Khayyat claims F1 is being used as a “tool to sportwash Saudi abuse”. Guardian Addressed to F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali.

“They use the spectacle of this sports championship to distract from the murder of my brother and hundreds of other people.” A Grand Prix justifies these heinous crimes.

“Silence is complicity. It’s how the regime averts its atrocities and suppresses calls for democratic reform. If F1 wants to be a change agent, not a tool to ‘sportwash’ Saudi exploits I want the silence of F1 to end.”

Kieran JacksonMarch 18, 2023 16:48


F1 LIVE: Lewis Hamilton announces shock split with performance coach

Yesterday’s ICYMI received shocking news from the 7-time world champion…

Lewis Hamilton announced that it has ended its work with performance coach Angela Cullen.

The seven-time world champion has worked with physical therapist Karen for the past seven years. mercedes Star’s side around the world as an integral part of his support team.

Karen, 48, joined Hamilton’s squad in 2016 and has been by Hamilton’s side in four of his seven World Championships.

However, suspicions were raised on Friday morning after Hamilton failed to arrive in the paddock Saudi Arabia With Cullen by his side, the 38-year-old himself confirmed the news on Instagram.

In an emotional post, he wrote, “For the past seven years, Angela Karen has been by my side, pushing me to be the best version of myself. I became a stronger athlete and a better person.

“So today, I wish her all the best as she takes the next step in chasing her dreams. Thank you for everything Ang. I can’t wait for your future.”

Kieran JacksonMarch 18, 2023 16:44


F1 Live: Ted Talk! F1 cult his hero Kravitz talks pitlane secrets and cheese

Exclusive interview with Kieran Jackson

Ted is talking about order to formula 1 A pit lane reporter who works in the world of tire compounds and floor specs, Ted often finds himself talking about cheese. Usually in pre-season testing.Some might say it’s a strange synonym, but readers aren’t drooling over digital day-to-day changes F1 The content may already be a bit lost. Don’t worry, you are forgiven.

Sky Sports’ resident pitlane reporter, Ted Kravitz (formerly of the BBC and ITV), has such a distinctive presentation style that he’s built a devoted fan base in his own right.ahead of his 22date Years of Pit Lane Reporting and 27th Working in the sport he loves, Ted’s methodology for interacting with fans is constantly evolving.forget this year tick tock: It’s all about TedTok. So back to cheese.

“TedTok was too good for someone to steal,” the 48-year-old said. Independent, in the unusually formal setting for him of his Sky Studio office. “So I’m going to say nonsense about doing something with cheese in there.

“I uploaded a video of me and Anthony [Davidson] Picking the perfect cheese in Bahrain to scrape your car’s venturi tunnel to the edge of the floor is harder than you might imagine.

“I could have gotten a block of cheddar, but it would have crumbled and the whole shoot would have been a disaster. It was very appropriate to choose… Gouda!”

Kieran JacksonMarch 18, 2023 16:29


F1 LIVE: Charles Leclerc faces another title blow with Saudi GP grid penalty

This came after Leclerc was forced to retire from the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix due to engine problems, an early blow to his hopes of challenging Max Verstappen. F1 title.

The new Frédéric Vasseur Ferrari A team representative said after the race that he was surprised by the retirement, but further investigation identified the problem.

Ferrari said it had already replaced parts in Bahrain and was forced to install another control electronics power unit in Leclerc’s car ahead of the second race of the season.

Teams are only allowed to use two control electronics components per season until a penalty is triggered.

Kieran JacksonMarch 18, 2023 16:14


F1 Fantasy: How to Play the 2023 Season and Saudi Grand Prix Tips

A new Formula 1 season is here – which means F1 Fantasy is back!

The game sees millions of motorsport fans choose their fantasy drivers with an imaginary $100 million budget.

F1 fantasy started five years ago and is rapidly growing in popularity along with the growing popularity of F1. The 2023 season will reward players who can spot early trends as the new season takes shape.

See below for all the rules and important tips.

Kieran JacksonMarch 18, 2023 15:59


EXC Interview: Jackie Stewart on life with dyslexia and constant push for safety in Formula 1

Exclusive interview with Kieran Jackson

There is a scene after 5 minutes Jackie StewartThe captivating new biopic presents the most traumatic experiences for the school’s soft-age students in a very harsh reality. was told to read treasure island, Stewart simply could not. This moment, which depicts an animated book dissolving into a random jumble of upside-down letters, epitomizes the greatest fears of a Scotsman as he rises to global stardom. Not a crash on the track. Not even the burden of fame. They are simply illiterate.

Nearly 70 years later, he’s still fighting the same illiterate demon. “I still can’t read or write properly,” he says.he stood on the podium 43 times formula 1 – 27 times on the top of the tree. But every time I zoom in, I see a man improvising.

“I don’t know the anthem yet,” he reveals. “Or Lord’s Prayer. Without it, I wouldn’t have driven with Barry Filer, but that’s where the magic ride began. So it was just an escape.At school, I failed a lot.”

Stewart, now 83, is battling dyslexia. stewart, airing on Sky Documentary from Friday. The 93-minute screening tells the story of one of F1’s most popular drivers, honing his career and life with far more than Grand Prix wins and his three world championships. . Interestingly, even though his son Mark produced it, he himself had no influence on the production. It shows up in what I would describe as “the greatest motor racing movie of all time.”

Kieran JacksonMarch 18, 2023 15:51


F1 LIVE: F1 partners with Race Against Dementia campaign

This is a really nice move from Formula 1…

Kieran JacksonMarch 18, 2023 15:41


F1 Live: Red Bull’s Christian Horner favored becoming F1 CEO over current boss Stefano Domenicali

boss, Horner red bullhas been the current World Champion since 2005 and is the longest-serving Team Principal in the sport.

The 49-year-old executive oversees Red Bull’s current sporting dominance, winning both world championships in canter last year and claiming a 1-2 finish at the opening round of the 2023 season on Sunday. increase. Max VerstappenDouble World Champion, victory in bahrain.

But Ecclestone – the man who sparked controversy last year he said “take the bullet” To Russian President Vladimir Putin – Horner says he should aim for a top job in sports next.

“If I had to pick someone today, I think it would be him. [Horner] It will be as good as it is,” said the 92-year-old Ecclestone.

Kieran JacksonMarch 18, 2023 15:32


F1 LIVE: Martin Brundle credits Mercedes’ tough start to F1 season

We built a car with a similar design to 2022’s troubled challenger with a unique ‘zero-pod’ approach. toto wolf admitted that he was set to ditch this kind of car After seeing a deficit of about two laps to Red Bull at Sunday’s Grand Prix.

“It seems to me mercedes We took a wrong turn in 2022 and refused to turn back,” Brundle told Sky Sports. digit.

“Even Lewis and Toto have publicly expressed their disappointment at one point over the weekend, usually only praising the team of Brackley and Brixworth. The quality is there, you just need direction and oxygen to keep your head down.”

Kieran JacksonMarch 18, 2023 15:15

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