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Experts Say There Are 5 Sleep Languages ​​– Which Are You?

hard to get good nightThere’s a good chance you haven’t heard sleep language.?

Let me explain – with Dr. Shelby Harris, a clinical sleep psychologist Sleep and Meditation App Calmidentifying what your sleep language is and adjusting your own sleep language can help you get a better night’s sleep bedtime routine around it.

According to sleep experts, the five sleep languages ​​are:

  • talented sleeper

  • Worried sleeping person’s words

  • Routine perfectionist sleeper

  • too hot to handle a sleeper

  • Light as a feather bed

“Being able to identify which category (or combination) you fall into can help you know where to focus your efforts to improve your sleep,” says Harris.

“Basic sleep hygiene is always helpful for everyone, but certain techniques may be more important to focus on from the start than others, given your particular sleeping style.

Read on to find out how long you sleep and discover what your ideal bedtime should look like (and maybe take a serious sleep hygiene reality check).

Words of Worry Sleeper – People who can’t sleep at night because of anxiety

“Words of Worry Sleeper” will fill your brain with “what ifs” and “shoulds” at night. This person frequently reports problems with their brains turning off in order to fall asleep. Or you wake up in the middle of the night with your brain busy when you wake up in the middle of the night.

These may be random thoughts and worries about things happening in life or the future, whether or not they are based in reality.

Ideal drag scenario: The ideal sleep situation in “Words of Worry Sleeper” is a powerful recovery routine that gives your brain and body time to calm down before bed. Keep your room quiet, dark, cool and comfortable. While some scented oils and sprays may not be sleep remedies, lavender has been proven to help relax the brain and body, preparing them for sleep.

The Gifted Sleeper – A person who can sleep anytime, anywhere

“Gifted Sleepers” pride themselves on their ability to easily fall asleep in any situation.

Ideal drag scenario: “Gifted Sleeper” often feels that they can sleep anywhere, regardless of the circumstances. That may be true, but it’s best to optimize your sleep by keeping your bedroom as quiet, dark, cool, and comfortable as possible (remember, perfect sleep isn’t always guaranteed. please give me!).

The Routine Perfectionist Sleeper – someone with a controlled routine

“Conventional perfectionists” tend to be very fixated on sleep behaviors and situations, and usually fear lack of sleep. I worry that I won’t be able to fall asleep if the night is different, and my sleep anxiety can even keep me awake.

Ideal drag scenario: While you may want to follow proper sleep hygiene (a cool, dark, quiet room is ideal), focusing on being “perfect” can actually increase sleep anxiety. Instead, it’s not always perfect to help ease your worries, like when you’re traveling, for example. Find yourself a comfortable mattress, favorite bedding, and a dark room. But don’t get too hung up on it in case something changes.

‘Too hot to handle’ sleepers – overheating people

This sleeper often wakes up in a sweat and finds it difficult to fall or stay
It’s too hot to sleep. This sleeper style is commonly seen in women going through menopause or menopause and experiencing hot flashes. You may even go to bed feeling comfortable. – And you wake up in the middle of the night in sweat or take off your cover.

Ideal drag scenario: The optimal sleeping environment for a “too hot to handle” sleeper is to have a very cool bedroom and a sweat-wicking layer for clothing and sheets/comforter. Also, if you’re warm and your bed partner is cold, put two twin-sized comforters on the bed instead of one large comforter so each one gets what they need. Make your bed look more cohesive by throwing a large comforter over it.There are cooling mattress pads available for purchase
As well as mattresses that don’t retain as much heat.

Light as a feather sleeper – a restless sleeper who is always tired

“Light as a Feather Sleeper” may sleep through the night, but find that their sleep is not “deep” enough. They wake up exhausted and feel like they have not benefited from a full night’s sleep. , restless legs, and sleep disturbances such as bruxism.

Ideal drag scenario: Here you need to ensure a cool, dark, quiet room and a comfortable mattress. You’re sensitive to light and sound, so it’s best to find a mattress that’s really comfortable for you and your bed partner, along with mitigating these issues.

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