Eufy Security Cam is a ‘stored unique ID’ for everyone filmed

The lawsuit filed against eufy security cam maker Anker Tech alleges that the industry assigns a “unique identifier” to the face of anyone who walks in front of its device, stores that data in the cloud, and protects it from “unsuspecting individuals.” essentially records the position of the when they pass by.

The complaint, a class action lawsuit filed in Florida court in January, was transferred to the Northern District of Illinois this week. register show.

This comes after information security officer Paul Moore and two “hackers calling themselves Wasabi” publicly claimed that Anker didn’t store and protect people’s information the way it should. One of the lawsuits. All three lawsuits allege that Anker misrepresented security that his cameras stored all data locally and did not upload that data to the cloud.

Moore made his allegations public last November, claiming that video and audio captured by Anker’s eufy security cameras could be streamed and viewed by strangers using VLC media player. – Corn seconds YouTube videosdetailing the complaint, Moore allegedly indicated that doorbells that were “probably ‘private’, ‘stored locally’ and ‘sent only to you’ were being streamed to the cloud without enabling cloud storage.” I’m here.

He claims the device is uploading video thumbnails and facial recognition data to Anker’s cloud servers, even though he has never opted-in to Anker’s cloud service, claiming that the device is uploading video thumbnails and facial recognition data to Anker’s cloud servers. He said he found a camera and discovered that he could identify his face with the same unique ID.

Security researchers claimed at the time that it showed that Anker not only stored facial recognition data in the cloud, but “shared that backend information between accounts.” lawyer Regarding the claims in two other nearly identical cases.

Florida plaintiff Sagar Desai alleges, among other things, that the company violated the US Federal Wiretapping Act and engaged in deceptive trade practices. Desai’s legal team requested that it be merged with his two other claims that already existed. Co-sponsored in February.

according to the complaint [PDF]eufy’s security cameras are marketed as ‘private’ and ‘local storage only’ as a direct alternative to Anker’s competitors who require the use of cloud storage.

Desai’s complaint alleges:

unrelated 2021 incidentsome “software bugs” in the brand’s 1080p Wi-Fi-connected Eufycam cam sent feeds from some users’ homes to other Eufycam customers, some of whom were in other countries at the time. At the time, an Anker spokesperson said only a small number of customers were affected, adding:

We’ve reached out to Anker Technology Corporation for comment. ®

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