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Enraged father sends bailiffs to force Wizz Air to repay £4,500

father revealed how he sent bailiffs Luton airport Forces Wizz Air to repay the extra £4,500 it had to struggle for the vacation after the airline canceled the original flight. I also work as a presenter. He decided to invite his wife and his three daughters on a trip to Portugal last May during the school holidays.

He booked a flight from Luton to Faro with Wizz Air in January, which cost him £700.

A father of three children, he subsequently booked and paid for hotel accommodation, which amounted to £6,000 and was non-refundable.

The family was all preparing for a trip to sunny Portugal when disaster struck and almost ruined the entire vacation.

The morning of his flight, Quirk received a message from Wizz Air informing him that his flight to Portugal had been cancelled.

A real estate expert told MailOnline:

A TalkTV host was forced to pay an additional £2,500 for an alternative flight the next day in order to save as much as she could on her family vacation.

He calculated the total cancellation costs to be £3,900. This included a new flight ticket, one night’s accommodation for him at a holiday hotel already paid for, transportation and airport lounge access.

Back in the UK, Mr Quirk set out to obtain a refund for the original flight, plus compensation for each passenger as required by EU law if the flight was cancelled.

However, he soon found Wizz Air reluctant to meet its contractual and legal obligations.

The company must refund the ticket for the canceled flight within 7 days. But it took him a month before Quirk described it as “shocking.”

He then forced the airline to pay compensation of £350 for each passenger, as required under EU law.

The real estate expert reached out to Marion Joffrey, managing director of Wizz Air UK, initially via LinkedIn about the compensation package.

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Mr Quirk said it cost £180 to file the case and another £60 to send the bailiffs.

He added: “If they send me one or two pending responses. 90 days.’ I would have accepted it.

“Except they interrupted me. I believe they thought I would walk away.

“These companies make the process so difficult and sabotage that most people just give up. As a consumer you have to fight your corner.”

A Wizz Air spokesperson said “we fell short of our aspirations” due to unprecedented levels of disruption across Europe and the UK in summer 2022.

“When things went wrong, we were unable to respond quickly enough to manage the high volume of customer complaints resulting from this disruption.

“Sorry, but we are working to make your experience with Whiz even better this year.”

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