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England fans left behind after Euro 2024 trip canceled at last minute

England fans are stranded and furious after tour operators canceled a trip to Naples for Euro 2024 qualifying at the last minute.

of FAsThe official travel partner of Sportsworld pulled the plug a few days ago Gareth Southgatemen are by face Italy.


Police cars were set on fire after clashes broke out between fans and police ahead of the Champions League match between Napoli and Eintracht Frankfurt in Napoli.Credit: Reuters
England fans are stranded days before Gareth Southgate's side take on Italy in Napoli in a Euro 2024 qualifier.


England fans are stranded days before Gareth Southgate’s side take on Italy in Napoli in a Euro 2024 qualifier.Credit: P.A.

About 2,500 supporters were expected to turn out for Thursday night’s game, but many may miss out.

Naples Then already on high alert Trouble In a city in southern Italy where Job collided police.

Footage appeared to show both sets of supporters attacking police.

Travel agency Sportsworld sent an email to fans late Friday night confirming that all arrangements had been scrapped.

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The company blamed the violence in Naples as a factor in the decision, but uncertainty from Italian officials about the return flight is believed to be the main reason. mail on sunday report.

A supporter confirmed by the paper was told in an email:

“We have been planning this trip for months, but the events in Naples this week have certainly affected the situation.

“We understand that you may be angry and disappointed with this news.

“We are also really disappointed with this outcome and apologize for the inconvenience.”

England Fans branded the decision “disgraceful” and called on the FA to remove Sportsworld as its official travel partner.

Supporters are forced to have to be desperate at the last minute trip arrangement for yourself.

Sportsworld originally emailed fans on Friday afternoon, saying they were unable to confirm a return flight from Naples in time, nor were they able to provide a clear transportation plan for the day.

We asked fans if they wanted us to make other arrangements or cancel the trip.

Around 70% of the responses are believed to have hoped Sportsworld would proceed with other travel arrangements.

The company then sent another email shortly after 8pm confirming the trip was cancelled.

The company said it would refund fans over £350 in travel expenses and an additional £41 per person, believed to be the cost of match tickets.

Despite this, some England fans say they are still short of money.

Alan Houghton told the paper he was refraining from traveling because he was “annoyed and frustrated”.

He said he had to cancel the £60 hotel room. Gatwick airport It was booked separately the night before the flight with no prospect of a refund.

Horton had originally booked with another company, Sport Option, but only canceled plans three weeks in advance after Italian authorities were unable to make a decision on a return flight.

One angry fan wrote: twitter: “It’s a shame to cancel a trip to the Italy vs. England match in Naples with just five days’ notice.

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“I will never use your company again. FA should withdraw your official travel partner status.”

When contacted by the Mail on Sunday, Sportsworld asked for comment on why the decision was taking so long, but did not receive a response.

An estimated 300 hooligans caused chaos in Naples


An estimated 300 hooligans caused chaos in Naples
Italian police threw chairs and flares


Italian police threw chairs and flares

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