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Emmerdale star reveals Moira and Charity conflict ahead of chaotic wedding

The battle lines are drawn again (Photo: ITV)

For Emmerdale fans, it’s no surprise that fireworks will go off between Moira and Charity Dingle.

Promising another standoff, the actress told that Moira will play the part. Drama about the wedding of Charity (Emma Atkins) and Mac Boyd (Laurence Robb).

With the big day already promised to be filled with drama, the run-up sees Moira’s meddling rubbing Charity the wrong way.

How did Natalie explain in an interview with us Moira’s discussion with Mac about whether or not she wants kids You come from a good place, but it doesn’t always work out well with brides.

“She knows Mac was her brother and he was really happy when Charity got pregnant,” the actress mused.

“And when that didn’t happen, I felt like he still had this yearning to be a father. And I think that’s what he really wants. She feels it because it feels like

“And Moira really wants to make sure he’s making the right decision because he thinks it’s a really big sacrifice.”

The charity is not happy with Moira’s questioning of Mack (Photo: ITV)

Mac reveals it’s wrong, but that doesn’t stop Moira from another attempt to upset Charity when she hears it.

“Moira pushes it enough to make him think about it and question it.

But when she realized he was sticking with it and he was fine with it, he told her about it and she stopped doing it after that.

Considering Moira and Charity aren’t far from a showdown, could another kiss in Glasgow be in store?

“It’s always those two on stage!” Natalie smiled. “No, I hope not. I hope it’s less violent next time, but I think there’s always room for disagreement between Moira and Charity.”

“Both of them are very strong characters and they clash at times. But this is her brother and her family and he’s making the right decision in case it’s too late.” It is about the fact that we want to make sure that

If so, it will only end up making him and charity unhappy.

“She just wants to make sure he’s making the right decision before he makes the decision to move forward and marry her. I think it’s a big deal.

Moira could be on to something, as this is a wedding that is going to be a disaster.

It remains to be seen if Mac and Charity will become husband and wife, but Natalie has a big episode ahead.

“I had a lot of fun filming that and everything else, but I think Moira got things mixed up,” she said.

“But I think Charity keeps thinking Moira is trying to sabotage things, but that’s not really the case at all. There are times when it turns out that Moira actually really, really loves her brother.

“But how Charity tells it is another story. She gets very sensitive to things and they obviously have arguments and misunderstandings here and there.

“It’s like a jigsaw puzzle that may never be fixed. Put it that way.”

Moira has long suspected her brother has given up on his dream of becoming a father, but little does she know that Chloe Harris (Jesse Elland) is expecting his baby;

But when Moira discovered the truth, Natalie knew whose side she was on.

“When it’s revealed, I think it’s going to make Moira really cross the line,” Hoshi declared.

Moira may have been pushed too hard on Mac’s real secret (Photo: ITV)

“So I think she was really disappointed in Mackenzie. There was a situation and when he went and did it, she said she would go and do it because one night he and Charity were arguing. So maybe he could have told her the truth.

“But the fact that she’s with him and lives with him is a bit creepy and obviously too close to home.

“I think she tends to be more on the side of charity than Mackenzie. It’s not about the sides, but I think she’s definitely disappointed in what he’s done about it.

From the sound it doesn’t take long before Moira discovers it and knows how she will react.

We are sure you will have a memorable wedding!

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