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Eden wakes up but can’t remember his romance with Cash in Home and Away

Has everything changed? (Photo: Endemol Shine)

Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) has been unconscious since the day of Felicity’s wedding. Two women were involved in a horrific car accident that caused the vehicle to roll over several times and then catch fire.

As a chauffeur, Eden suffers the worst of her injuries, with Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), Felicity (Jackie Purvis), Remi (Adam Rowland) and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) regularly scouring her bedside. She remains comatose during the visit.

While Rose (Kirsty Marilier) and Cash are busy dealing with bikers, Eden suddenly begins to wake up. When Bree (Juliet Godwin) rushes in and she panics, she reassures her, feeling her tube running down her throat to help her breathe.Understandably she’s confused and confused, but she’s not Long before Kirby and Remi welcomed her home.

When Cash answered the phone, he was overjoyed to learn that Eden was awake. He went straight to the hospital to see her, and she was happy to see him. However, when Cash begins pouring his heart into her, she looks confused. She looks up at Cash and recoils in horror – what does he mean, can they be together?

Kirby, Bree and Cash swap appearances. Before Eden fell into a coma, she was longing for Cash and telling him she loved him. Cashing in on her feelings should be exactly what she wants to hear: Eden is apparently suffering from her amnesia as a result of her coma.

But does this mean that her love story with Cash is over before it begins? Eden insists Cash leave and Bree says it might be best to do so. Heartbroken, Cash is forced to come to terms with his new reality and leave Eden with her friends.

Eden is baffled, wondering what the hell Cash is talking about, and is horrified by the fact that he can’t remember anything about him.

Will things change? (Photo: Endemol Shine)

Bree sends her for a scan, but it’s not enough for Eden. She asks her friends for the details of her relationship that she forgot, but everyone keeps her mouth shut and doesn’t want her to suffer any more, hoping her memory will return. , would they?

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