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Donald Trump Predicts Arrest Tuesday As Possible Indictment Looms – Live

Donald Trump vows to stay in 2024 race if criminally charged

donald trump predicted his arrest on Tuesday in a furious all-caps Truth Social post calling for protests to “take back our country” because he paints a violent vision of a chaotic America. Did.

Law enforcement is reportedly gearing up for possible charges against him in connection with paying hush money Stormy DanielsA Trump spokesperson later revealed that there was “no notice” of arrests or charges other than “illegal leaks” to the press.

Meanwhile, a federal judge orders attorney Evan Corcoran to present evidence before a grand jury about conversations he had with the former president regarding classified documents found on his property in Mar-a-Lago. rice field. florida.

On social media, Trump triumphantly returned to Facebook, posting no less than eight videos to his Truth Social account on Friday. Youtube He also announced that he would be lifting his ban from the platform after video-sharing sites and others suspended the former president in the aftermath of the attack on the US Capitol.


Are there any protests?

Across far-right social media where QAnon influencers and Christian nationalists collide, debate the relevance of Marjorie Taylor-Green and whether Donald Trump is the savior of a declining state and the Republican Party. He needed proof that the Biden administration had weaponized the federal government against him.

Trump has called on his supporters to “protest, protest, protest”, but Trump’s arrest is unlikely, unlike the attack on the U.S. Capitol that was openly organized on social media on Jan. 6. Discussions about the It reflects a lawyer’s investigation and similarly inflammatory and dramatic rhetoric about the state of the United States.

A QAnon account with many followers on Truth Social repeats the accelerationist slogan “trust the plan,” believing the possible arrest of Trump will cause the downfall of the nation. Others said his arrest would make him a martyr and rally his supporters.

QAnon influencer Patriot Boyce said the most effective protest was to wear a red “MAGA” hat. I told my supporters not to go outside of A Lago. She instead told people to attend her first election rally of 2024 in Texas on March 25.

Ali Alexander, one of the organizers of the Stop the Steel rally and currently campaigning for Kanye West with white supremacist Nick Fuentes, wrote: Mar-a – Close all routes to Lago. I am now retired. I pray for him!

He also spoke with Alex Jones and said, “He’s not protesting either.”

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 21:45


Mike Pence: “Is this what the Manhattan Attorney’s Office says is a top priority?”

Former Vice President Mike Pence went to the defense of his former boss on Saturday following his prediction that he would be arrested next week after denouncing Trump’s actions over Jan. 6.

He told SiriusXM Radio that a possible indictment of New York prosecutors “smells like the kind of political indictment we’ve endured in the age of Russian hoaxes,” adding that Russia’s 2016 None of the reports are hoaxes, referring to shorthand for a Republican investigation into election interference and revealing a web of ties between Trump campaign and Russian officials.

“Is this what the Manhattan Attorney’s Office says is a top priority?” Pence added.

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 20:12


Trump announces first 2024 election rally in Waco as city of Texas marks 30th anniversary of cult siege

Donald Trump will hold his first presidential campaign rally of 2024 in Waco, Texas on March 25. This is the compound of the Branch Davidian religious cult, within the period marking the 30th anniversary of the deadly 51-day siege by law enforcement.

A Trump campaign statement announcing the rally showed a recent poll by a right-wing media company showing his support among Texas Republican voters, suggesting the former president is a potential candidate for 2024. It turned out to be leading in the state against rival Ron DeSantis.

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 19:39


Nancy Pelosi: ‘No one is above the law’

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has slammed a ‘reckless’ announcement that predicted the arrest of Donald Trump, saying it was used to ‘make news of itself and foment unrest among his supporters’. Stated.

“Regardless of the grand jury’s decision, the grand jury’s consideration of this case is clear. No one is above the law, not even the former president of the United States,” she said in a statement on Saturday.

“He cannot hide from breaking the law, disrespecting our elections, and inciting violence. Naturally, our legal system will determine how to hold him accountable,” she said. added.

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 18:47


Manhattan DA and Secret Service reportedly held sensitive talks over handling of potential arrests

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office is reportedly in “delicate negotiations with the Secret Service” on how to handle a potential arrest of Trump. According to Yahoo News.

“The main problem at the moment is how to formulate procedures for an unusual and unprecedented scenario. It’s a standard procedure for handcuffing,” reported lead investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff.

Trump may face felony charges, including paying hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels, and is reportedly the subject of an investigation by New York prosecutors.

His former attorney, Michael Cohen, filed a federal indictment in 2018 about paying Daniels $130,000 for silencing her about her allegations that he had sex with Trump in 2016. pleaded guilty to

Cohen later allegedly repaid the money Trump’s business gave her in what she described as “legal costs.” Cohen appeared before a grand jury in New York for the second time this week.

Alex WoodwardMar 18, 2023 18:41


Republicans rush to defend Trump

Key Republican figures quickly defended Trump on Saturday after predicting he would be arrested, despite not seeing any indictments or evidence related to the yet-to-be-announced indictment against him. bottom.

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 18:24


McCarthy accused of using House Speaker role to ‘stop justice being done’

Republicans are loyally rallying around the former president to protect him from possible criminal prosecution before considering the evidence and the as-yet-unreleased indictment.”

McCarthy also said he has directed House committees to “immediately investigate whether federal funds are being used to interfere in elections and subvert democracy in politically motivated prosecutions.” Stated.

According to a statement by Brad Woodhouse of the Congressional Honesty Project, McCarthy “is using his power as Speaker of the House to try and prevent justice from being done by those investigating allegations of Trump’s wrongdoing.” threatening and intimidating,” he said.

“Kevin McCarthy has handed over his voice to Trump, election opponents, white supremacist advocates and the MAGA cult, and has lost the moral high ground to lead,” he added.

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 17:43


Top Republican Party accuses prosecutors of being ‘dangerous new lows’ compared to ‘socialist dictators’

House GOP chairman Ellis Stefanik said the “illegal leak” about Trump’s arrest announced by Trump himself was “un-American,” adding that “the radical left is a dangerous new threat in third world countries.” We’ve reached a low,” he said.

In a statement full of randomly capitalized words, Stefanik said, “The Radical Left now follows the lead of the socialist dictator and reportedly follows the Republican nominee for the presidency of the United States, President Trump. will be arrested,” he said. at the ballot box. ”

“What corrupt left-wing prosecutors like Alvin Bragg and their socialist allies don’t understand is that America First Patriots can peacefully organize to save our great republic.” And it’s never been more vibrant than exercising our constitutional right to vote,” she added.

Her remarks follow other senior Republican officials who rushed to defend the former president without seeing an indictment or indictment outlining potential claims and evidence against Trump.

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 17:22


‘No one is above the law’: Trump’s reaction when he claims he will be arrested next week

Cultural luminaries around the world are reacting to the latest news about former US President Donald Trump. Independent■ Lewis Chilton reports that:

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 17:01


Trump Calls for Donations from Supporters, Furious at Truth Social

After soliciting donations from his supporters through his Truth Social account, Donald Trump once again uses inflammatory and apocalyptic rhetoric about his 2024 campaign and potential criminal charges after predicting he would be arrested Tuesday. evoked the

Another all-caps post on Saturday — about 45 minutes after asking supporters to “send donations” to his campaign — asked his supporters to “protest, protest, protest” to “save America.” called to do so.

He again argued that the Biden administration is “killing our country” while the United States is “leading to World War III.”

A Trump spokesperson said Trump wrote the post without first-hand knowledge of when the arrests were made.

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 16:50

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