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Dominic Raab ‘will toast to the end of bullying investigation’

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab Independent investigation results in forced resignation bullying Alleged and claimed.

upperclassman Cabinet Office Officials told colleagues that Raab would be “toasted” when the process was completed later this month. of Sunday Times.

Officials close to the Adam Torrey KC investigation were said to have been “shocked” by some allegations, including staff falling ill before meetings with Raab and regularly shedding tears. I’m here.

Lawyers currently plan to complete the investigation and publish their conclusions before the Easter recess on March 30.

PCS civil servants union general secretary Mark Sarvodka said Raab should “retire” from his cabinet role or be suspended until an investigation into the alleged bullying is completed.

Serwotka told Sky’s. Sophie Ridge on Sunday: “While Dominic Raab was proceeding, we know that Pretty Patel was found to have been bullying a civil servant at the Home Office, but she escaped with little sanction.”

The PCS leader said, “We know Suera Braverman has broken the Ministerial Covenant, but she is issuing emails accusing her employees of sabotaging Rwandan policy. And Now Dominic Raab has not one complaint, but many. [against him]”

Serwodka added:

“He should resign or be suspended while the allegations are investigated. It’s time to realize that we’ve come to really question whether we can… play a role in public service.”

Raab denied bullying and claimed he “behaved professionally”, but said he would resign if the bullying allegations were upheld.

Earlier this week, Raab suggested that rules regarding an investigation into whether he bullied officials may have been violated by witnesses who spoke to the media.

Raab denied bullying but said he would resign if allegations were upheld

(PA wire)

“Anyone involved in an investigation and commenting anonymously or otherwise to the media is in violation of the rules and as a matter of basic professional integrity, I would not do so,” he said. Told.

Pressed about his relationship with public officials on Friday, Raab said, “Of course you want to have a positive relationship. The majority of people I do do.”

Raab has vowed to step down if found to have been bullying staff as the investigation is coming to a close after the cabinet minister himself was interviewed.

Rishi Snack He ordered an investigation in November after receiving pressure from numerous allegations, including that he had “scared” many people into his office because he had insulted his junior colleagues so much.

boris johnson Former Undersecretary of the Foreign Office, Simon McDonald, is the person understood to have presented evidence to the team of lawyers under investigation.

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman said several staff members who worked with senior cabinet members suffered a “mental health crisis” and were forced to quit their jobs and be downgraded as a result of his actions.

The union boss also denied claims by Raab’s supporters that grievances against him were a politically motivated “conspiracy” to remove him as deputy prime minister.

It is understood that some witnesses in the investigation provided positive assessments of Mr. Raab’s actions as well as negative evidence about Mr. Raab’s actions.

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